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Terms & Conditions

Dance Development Centre (DDC) online enrolment customers will be emailed an Invoice once their selected classes have been approved by DDC office staff.

All term fees MUST be paid in full within the first two weeks of each term. If there has been no attempt to pay fees after the second week of each term fees will incur a late fee penalty of $25.00. In addition, if payment is not received, debt recovery fees can and will be will be charged.

The acceptance of enrolment at DDC implies Parents/Guardians/Carers and Students accept all aspects of regulations of Dance Development Centre.

Your DDC fees are payable in advance or upon commencement of dance classes.

Parents/Guardians/Carers and Students must give notice at the end of each term if they will not be continuing into the next term. If notice is not given, it is DDC policy that you will be charged for the following term fees. DDC has waiting lists for classes and such a policy is necessary to allow DDC to enrol new students for the up and coming term.

In term 4 Parents/Guardians/Carers and Students are required to notify DDC if you/ your children will not be returning the following year.

Parents/Guardians/Carers and Students are responsible for ensuring you are medically fit for classes, the Metro Dance takes all reasonable care in conducting classes, it accepts no responsibility for injury or loss caused in or near the class.

Dance Development Centre does not refund term fees once a student commences classes except under special circumstances as managed by the DDC team, a credit towards future classes is our preffered method of refund. If a student misses classes due to illness or injury parents/students must inform the DDC Office and a suitable make up class will be advised.

In the advent of prolonged absence from training parents/students must inform the DDC team immediately and a pro-rata refund of fees or a credit toward future term fees will be arranged.

DDC reserves the right to cancel any classes or course offered all efforts will be made to provide an alternate class for students to attend.

New students can trail an unlimited number of classes at DDC for ONE WEEK.


Throughout the year DDC will professionally photograph and record the students in both class and performance.

The photographs taken may be featured around the studio and in promotional material for concerts, DDC's website, social media. Photographs and DVD’s recorded at our concert will be made available for you to purchase after our performance annually.

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