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Online enrolment forms must be completed at the beginning of each year for all students (new and old). It is expected that students enrol for a full year of dance. If for some reason you wish to withdraw an enrolment, Miss Cynthia must be informed. Simply failing to attend class is not regarded as cancellation of enrolment. If notification of intention to leave is not received, then the caregiver may be liable for full payment of the current term’s fees.

Fees & Payments
Invoices will be sent via email at the beginning of each term. Fees are due in week 2 (and week 7 if paying in installments) of each term. The option to do a single payment of term fees is entitled to an early bird discount of 5% if paid before week 2 of the term. Fees are non-refundable for classes missed, or if a student does not complete the entire term. All payments can be made by direct deposit or cash in studio. We are also registered providers for the government’s Active & Creative Kids programs. These vouchers can be used towards lesson fees.

While we have no set uniform for purchase, we ask that students wear the studio colours: black, silver and the blue colour of our logo. The studio logo can be added to any clothes given to Miss Cynthia for a small fee. When selecting clothes for dancing remember that it is important that your child can move freely and that our teachers can see your child’s body placement. Please wear form fitting clothes made of stretchy materials e.g. leotard and tights or shorts with a singlet top. Please avoid baggy jumpers, skirts or jeans. All of our students are expected to wear the correct shoes for each class. Please ensure that all hair is tied up and jewelry is kept to a minimum.

Children will be placed in classes according to teacher judgement of your child’s skills. Should you feel that your child has been placed inappropriately, please speak to Miss Cynthia to address your concerns. Please be aware that due to the nature of dance and cheerleading training, that some physical contact may be necessary by the teacher to demonstrate exercises or technique during class. All Platinum Dance students are not allowed to take classes at any other studio, unless it is in a style that we do not teach e.g. salsa dancing, with the exception of one-off workshops. Teachers reserve the right to take disciplinary action by asking students to sit down and not participate in the class as a way to encourage optimal attitude and participation. Should a problem persist, the student may be asked to remove themselves from class and a caregiver will be contacted.

Class Arrival / Departure
Although teachers take great care with all our students, we do not take responsibility for students while they are not in class. Before, after and during a break between classes, it is ultimately the parent’s responsibility to supervise their child if needed. All students are to be picked up promptly at the end of their last class. In case of delay, caregivers should contact Miss Cynthia and students must stay inside the studio until their caregivers arrive. Caregivers are not required to stay in the waiting room during class time, however you are welcome to do so. If staying in the waiting room please be mindful of the language used and topics discussed, as we often have children around. Should you have any concerns or complaints please speak to Miss Cynthia directly.

It is important that students attend all required classes and keep absences to a minimum to ensure maximum progress of all class members. Cynthia must be informed of any absence 2 hrs prior to the class. In term 4, 100% attendance is vital in concert preparations. If students are away in term 4, they may be asked to run off stage or pose while the others complete a part of the dance that was taught while you were away. Remember that all missed classes must still be paid for. Unfortunately, we do not offer make up classes.

Caregivers and friends are not permitted into the studio during class times as we find that students do their best work when completely focused on the teacher. Friends & family may attend the open days held in the last week of terms one, two & three. All family and friends viewing a class must remain seated and quiet so as to not interrupt the progression of the lesson. Videos and photos of your child participating are permitted for mementos and practice purpose. Please do not publish videos of any dances or photos with other children in them without first gaining permission from Miss Cynthia and the other student’s caregivers.

Caregivers are required to inform Miss Cynthia of any allergies or medical conditions promptly before your child’s first lesson. In case of an emergency, you give consent for first aid trained staff at Platinum Dance to administer first aid and call for an ambulance if needed.

It is the caregiver’s responsibility to join the Private Facebook page and download ‘WhatsApp’ for your smart phone so that you can receive important information about dates, reminders and upcoming events. Please ensure that your notifications are turned on or to periodically check the app for any relevant information. Should your email address or mobile number change, please inform Miss Cynthia at your child’s next lesson. When dealing with students, teachers and other caregivers from Platinum Dance, it is expected that you will be respectful, treating others the way you would like to be treated. Platinum Dance will not tolerate bullying, poor sportsmanship, rudeness or any other behaviour that has a negative impact on Platinum Dance, it’s staff, students or other caregivers. Failure to do so may result in an individual’s dismissal from Platinum Dance, where upon all paid fees are non-refundable.

Platinum Dance accepts no responsibility for items that are lost or damaged. Please label all belongings and leave valuables at home.

Annual Concert & Exams
Participation in class exams (for those that have them) and our annual concert in December is encouraged and assumed. Please notify Miss Cynthia immediately if your child cannot participate in these events.

Alcohol & Drugs
To protect our students, teachers and caregivers, there is no smoking, alcohol or illegal drugs on the studio grounds permitted.
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Waiver & Consent Agreement

Participation in any Platinum Dance Academy of Performing Arts activity and use of any recreational facilities involves a risk of accidental injury despite all safety precautions. Having been informed of the activities conducted by Platinum Dance Academy of Performing Arts, I, as a parent or guardian of the participants named herein, assume all risks and hazards incidental to the activities, and release from responsibility and agree to indemnify and hold harmless Platinum Dance Academy of Performing Arts, its staff, directors, independent contractors, volunteers and all employees for any illness or injury to me or my children or family members occurring during his/her/our participation in any activity or use of any recreational facility at or conducted by Platinum Dance Academy of Performing Arts.
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Permisson to Publish

I give permission for any video recordings or photographs of my child/ren participating in Platinum Dance Academy of Performing Arts lessons, performances & events to be used for record keeping, celebration of effort & achievement and promotional purposes.
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Fundraising Policy

Fundraising throughout the year helps us to put on a professional concert at the end of the year whilst keeps the price of our concert tickets down. This means that the whole family and all of your friends can come and enjoy the show. As everyone benefits from the discounted price of tickets and experiences the high quality of the concert production, we expect all families to get involved and do their part in fundraising. There is usually one fundraising event per term. If for any reason you can not participate, you can negotiate with Cynthia to make a donation instead, however participation is preferred. Those families who do not fundraise on any one fundraiser will unfortunately not be eligible for discounted tickets.
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