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Terms & Conditions


Terms and conditions must be agreed to upon enrolment as they are designed to provide a happy, fun and safe learning environment for all students.
As parent/guardian/18+ student, I agree to and understand the following:
An annual registration fee is charged on your first invoice. This fee covers insurances, APRA Fees, administration costs and end of year presentation costs. This fee is applied to both casual and full enrolments and is non-refundable.

All students must register online via a link provided to you from TDH.
Your enrolment is valid for the entire calendar year; therefore your child will be automatically re-enrolled into their class each term after enrolment.
If you wish to discontinue a class you must notify the Principal immediately via email at and any outstanding fees for that class must be paid in full for the remainder of the Term.

Casual Classes
Casual enrolment is available for all classes for majority of the year at an amended price of $17.50/hour and must be paid at the commencement of each class.
Students who are enrolled on a casual basis will not be able to participate in our End of Year Concert.

Term Fees – are strictly payable by the end of the second week of each term. Overdue invoices will incur a $10 administration fee each week the invoice remains unpaid after the due date.
Term fee payment will be pro-rata only for new students starting mid-term, not existing students.

Term fees are based on your child’s position in the class and not their attendance; therefore term fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

Email Correspondence
All information is sent to the email address listed for the primary contact and all information held within is assumed read. You must notify us if you are not receiving our emails, as you are missing out on important information.

Concert Participation
Our End of Year Concert for all Dance Hub students will be held on Sunday 3rd November 2019 (TBC) at Hornsby RSL. While participation is not compulsory it is recommended, as it is the conclusion of the students progression and achievements and an invaluable part of their training.
A small deposit will be charged in Term 2 to confirm participation in the end of year concert and a costume hire fee and a dress rehearsal fee will be charged in Term 3. These amounts confirm participation it are both non-refundable.
All accounts must be paid in full prior to concert participation.

Before School Dance @ Kent Road Public School: End of Year Performance
$1 from each lesson payment will go towards your child’s costume hire for the end of year performance. A final fee may be charged during Term 3 or 4. This amount confirms participation and is non-refundable.

Behaviour & Conduct
1.Students are to arrive on time in uniform and footwear as per our website. Hair is to be tied back.
2.All parents/guardians and students will respect all others regardless of gender, culture, religion or ability. Bullying in any form may result in the cancellation of enrolment. Under such circumstances all fees paid to date are forfeit and no refunds will be made.
3.All students must bring a bottle of water to class.
4.In the event of absence, please notify the studio via email/SMS prior to the class time.

When enrolling your child you are committing to 1 complete academic year being (4) terms of classes. If you have been absent for three (3) consecutive lessons without contact, your position in class will be automatically released unless prior arrangement with the Principal has been made.

Watching Classes
We do not usually allow parents to watch classes, in order to maintain dancer concentration and focus. Exceptions may be made for trial classes of younger students. During the last week of Term 1, 2 and 4, all classes are open to parents to watch the last 15 minutes of each lesson.

Pick Up
Dancers are to be picked up on time at the end of their class by a parent or guardian. When dancers leave the building they are out of our care. All students MUST stay inside the hall until collected by a parent/guardian.
If you are running late a text must be sent to the Principal- 0424171649.
No student should wait or be asked to wait outside the building to be collected.

Parents are responsible for their child’s behaviour and safety at all times whilst on the premises. Students and their siblings are not permitted in the studios whilst other classes are in progress.
The teaching faculty are not responsible for students or their siblings playing unsupervised in the waiting room, stairs or car park. Please be on time when collecting students at the end of their classes no later than 10 minutes at the conclusion of their class.

Out of Bounds
Due to safety the hall is out of bounds prior to class. Students and siblings must be supervised when on the outside equipment.
The Staff Car Park at Melrose Park Public School is strictly out of bounds.

Photo & DVD Permission Release
Enrolment at The Dance Hub Performing Arts gives automatic permission for all photographs and/or video/DVD recordings taken in the course of classes or performances to be used for publicity including The Dance Hub website and as such they are the intellectual property of The Dance Hub. A photographer authorised by the Studio may only take photographs and videos.

Participation in any Dance Hub activity and use of any recreational facilities involves a risk of accidental injury despite all safety precautions. Having been informed of the activities conducted by The Dance Hub, you as an individual or as parent or guardian of the participants named herein, assume all risk and hazards incidental to the activities, release of responsibility and agreed to indemnify and hold harmless The Dance Hub, its officers, directors, independent contractors, volunteers and all employees for any illness or injury to you or your children, or your family members occurring during his/her/your participation in any activity or use of any recreational activity at or conducted by The Dance Hub.

In the event of an emergency when neither parent is contactable, you being the parent/guardian give The Dance Hub permission to contact emergency services.

By enrolling, you certify that the listed dancer is in good health, physically fit and may participate in activities at The Dance Hub Performing Arts.

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Photo & DVD Permission Release

Enrolment at The Dance Hub Performing Arts gives automatic permission for all photographs and/or video/DVD recordings taken in the course of classes or performances to be used for publicity including The Dance Hub website and as such they are the intellectual property of The Dance Hub. A photographer authorised by the Studio may only take photographs and videos.
If you would prefer your child not to be included in any online material, please send us an emai.

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