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Please sign that you agree to the following terms and conditions:
 I agree that my I/ my child/ren will comply with the Beat Dance School Guidelines.
 I understand that there is no refund on term fees, once paid. Provision may be made for a student that cannot fulfil most the Term Duration.
 I give permission for the staff to act on my/my child’s behalf in an emergency should medical treatment be required.
 If there be a health condition that requires serious medical attention, we give permission for Beat Dance School staff to refer Me/My Child to the nearest Medical Facility and to call for an ambulance (at my own expense).
 I understand that there is no refund for Costume fees or Production Costs once costumes have been paid and ordered.
 Your payment or deposit can be paid by calling Beat Dance School and paying by credit card, or you can come in and pay in person.
You or your child will be participating in a movement activity. With all movement activity and dance-classes, there may be some risk of injury. While proper body alignment and safety is observed, and reinforced while dancing is taught, there may be circumstances beyond the instructor’s control. By signing below, you have informed the dance-teacher of any previous injuries or medical conditions that the teacher needs to know in attempt to assure either your-own or your children’s safety whilst exercising.
Privacy: Beat Dance has only the interests of its students at heart and does not and will not share any private or confidential informaiton with others.
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Discontinuance Policy

Please see below the process of which to discontinue from our classes and which one may apply to you. We always urge you to make u the classes if you can in the current term period. Beat dance understands that things can happen and that you may need to pull out of our classes from time to time. Please be mindful that there are many thing s to consider and this is why we have developed the solutions below to help all in involved.

1. Discontinuing prior to term beginning:
- Notification must be in writing so that you are not invoiced for the term, no fees apply
2. Discontinuing once term has begun and has not paid term fee upfront as required:
- Two weeks notice in writing at a minimum must be provided
- Fees are owed from date of notice for that week’s class plus the following week. E.g. Notice given in week 2; week 1,2 and 3 is required to be paid. Notice given week 4: week 1- 4, plus week 5’s fees are required.
3. Discontinuing on direct debit when term is still in progress:
- Cancelation fee of $20, plus the current week scheduled debits must to be paid.
- Notification must be in writing.
- With two weeks minimum notice, regardless of length of absence two weeks can be credited (applied to following term coming) or Voided* from the term fee (*if term bill, still hasn’t paid).
- If away for two weeks/ two classes, make up classes can be attended prior to leaving or once returned
- No credits given for 1 week missed
- Students must attend for a make up class in that current term.
- Absent for one week or two weeks, make up classes during the week
- Away for more than two weeks, a credit/refund can be given but only with a medical certificate provided.
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