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Holiday Camp Terms and Conditions
 SXL will require the parent/contact to pick their child up from our centre if the child is sick.
Children should not attend camp at SXL if they are sick, particularly if they are contagious.
Medication will only be administered by a staff member if written authorisation by the
parent or doctor is provided along with instructions.
 Children are only taken off the premises if signed out by a parent, an authorised contact or
a staff member/emergency personnel in an emergency. If a family friend/relative is picking
up the child you must indicated this on the sign in sheet on the day!
 Cancellations are non-refundable. Refunds or customer credits are only
giving in cases of extreme illness or injury accompanied by a medical certificate (eg: broken
limb or chicken pox).
 It is the parent’s responsibility that their child is picked up on time. Late pick up fines are $1
per minute after 10 minutes past pick up time. If you are running late, please call us on 9417
 Parents/guardians are to ensure they read the Camp information booklet carefully and
follow instructions on what each child needs to bring and wear. If a child is dressed in
clothes that are restricting, this may cause injury or accidents which SXL cannot be held
 If a child is sent without food or enough food for the session, SXL staff are not permitted to
provide children with food and the parent will be called and asked to organise this. SXL
encourages children not the bring nuts to our Centre however please note we do sell snacks
that contain nuts on our premises.
 From time to time, SXL may take photos of the program to include on our website, social
media or to include in our marketing distribution. Any parent who wished to exclude their
child from such material must put it in writing and send to the office via email at least one
week before Camp begins.
 SXL will not be held responsible for any loss of personal valuables nor any personal
accidents whatsoever. In the event of a serious injury, staff may perform First Aid and call
an ambulance. Parents will be notified and must understand that this is part of our
emergency procedures and cannot be altered.
 Please be advised that bookings MUST be made in advance via the online booking form.
Being child-related work, we have a staff to child ratio that must be adhered to and
therefore bookings in advance are essential

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