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Dipadees swim fees are payable via direct debit on the 11th of each month. Our payment system does not lock you into a contract. If at any time you need to stop lessons please allow three weeks’ notice so we can cancel your direct debit.

Monthly fees are based on four lessons per month each and every month. However there will be some months where you receive five lessons and occassionaly miss a day becasue of a public holiday.

For ease of budgeting most families prefer to have a set amount debited from their account each month, rather than deductions increasing with a five-week month and decreasing with public holidays and our Christmas closure.

Over the course of the year the five-week months balance out our Christmas and public holiday closures.

The only exception are our Monday customers who have more public holidays than other days. For this reason we offer our Monday customers replacement lessons for Labour Day and Queens Birthday.

I is important to know that your December fees cover the cost of the ‘extra’ lessons received in the five-week months and for which you were not charged earlier in the year. Families starting in December will have their fees adjusted.

As long as your swim fees are up to date your child’s place will be held and will automatically roll over month to month in our year round program.

How much notice do I need to provide if I want to stop lessons?

Three weeks’ notice is required if stopping lessons. Simply email to let us know, or submit a form via our ‘Contact Us’ page at

If I miss a lesson can I have a make-up lesson?

Provided your fees are up to date we will provide you with up to two Family Swim Passes or two make-up lessons per quarter as replacement for your missed lessons. Make-up lessons can be scheduled over the school holidays or on student free days.

Bookings for school holiday make-up lessons can only be made through your customer portal.

Does my Family Swim Pass or make up lesson have an expiry date?
Your complimentary Family Swim Pass or make-up lesson expires within four months of the missed lesson. Unfortunately we cannot re-book any make-up lessons, if a make-up lesson is missed that make-up will expire

Will I be charged for missed lessons?
We still need to pay your teacher and provide heated water and the many other expenses incurred to effectively run a swim school. This means that we need to know you will honour your commitment to your booking and you will pay for the time slot that you have booked.

In most other children’s activities, if you miss a lesson you won’t be reimbursed for that lesson. However, we can provide up to two complimentary Family Swim Passes or two make-up lessons per quarter.

Make-up lessons can only be scheduled via this online portal and are available over the school holidays or on student free days.

Notice of absence is only accepted through the dipadees APP (available free through the APP store) or via email to

Family Swim Passes and make-up lessons cannot be used as credits for future lessons or for lessons after you cancel. Family Swim Passes and make-up lessons are only provided if you are booked into lessons and fees are up to date.

Check out our popular Dipadees’ $’s Claim Form to see how you can make great savings! Visit for more information.

We are open over school holidays and student free days except for three weeks at Christmas and four days over the Easter weekend. We are closed on public holidays.

We swim in the rain! (well, not technically as we are an indoor, heated pool) This means lessons are on as usual when it's wet, your child will be comfortable.

Dipadees safety standards require the teacher to meet children at the edge of the pool in readiness for their lesson. Your child should remain dry until the teacher invites them into the water. At the end of the lesson the teacher will deliver your child back to the edge of the pool where they will “officially” hand your child back into your care.

Teachers assess your child’s skills during every lesson. New skills will be introduced when your child is ready. If all children in the class are progressing at a similar rate the class may change to the higher level without you needing to change times or days. If progress requires a move to another class we will consult with you regarding any possible changes.

We suggest parents avoid missing or changing classes if possible as this can be rather disruptive to children. If changing is unavoidable we will do our best to find another time or day for you.

Goggles are good fun and necessary once children start to swim laps however In the early stages of learn to swim children should learn to swim without goggles, just so they don’t panic when water gets in their eyes.

If you do need goggles our staff can assist with the right size and style for your child's face.

Alll children over 3 need to wear a cap. Wearing a cap is not only hygienic, but also keeps hair out of your child’s eyes and mouth while learning to swim.

Once again we can help you with choice and style of easy on, easy off caps

All bubs in the baby and toddler classes need to wear a swim nappy with firm fitting legs if they are not yet toilet trained.

Further information is also available on our website and in our Frequently Asked Questions document.

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