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Fee policy and Terms and Conditions

Flyaway Gymnastics Fee Policy

Due date
All term fees are due in full the first week of the term unless prior arrangement has been made. Failure to do so will result in exclusion from classes.

Method of payment
Our preferred payment method is direct bank deposit or through the online portal. Flyaway. If parents wish to pay their child’s term fees in advance by the end of the previous term, they are entitled to a 5% discount on the total amount. Full term fees are payable for members beginning a term in Week 1-3. Make-up classes may be available for any weeks missed. Fees are prorated from week 4 onwards.

Registration fees (annual fee for insurance cover with Gymnastics Australia)
Registration fees are due in their entirety regardless of how long a gymnast stays at the club. Those joining in 4th term are charged a reduced rate. This fee MUST be paid prior to participating in programs. There is no refund of registration fees.

Sibling discount
The club offers families a sibling discount on term fees, applied to the lesser account. This discount is a reduction of 5% for a second gymnast, 10% for a third and consecutive gymnast.

Payment plan
Payment plans are only available for children training 2 hours or more per week or for families with multiple children in Flyaway programs. Please see the office before the end of week 1 if you wish to apply. Approval of payment plans is at the discretion of the club manager.

There will be no reduction in fees or refunds for sessions missed due to illness. With the exception being if the illness or injury results in 2 weeks or more of sessions missed, and a medical certificate is provided. The adjustment to term fees in this instance will be at the club manager’s discretion and will be credited to the next term's fees. There is no fee adjustment for absence due to non medical reasons.

Credit notes
Credit notes for overpayment, or time off for injury apply to the following term only and do not carry over multiple terms.

Withdrawal from programs
Voluntary withdrawal from classes will incur a two-week cancellation period from the date of notifying club administration. Notification of withdrawal must be made via email.

Public Holidays and inclement weather
There are no classes held on public holidays. Term fees will be adjusted to reflect classes missed due to public holidays.
If classes are cancelled due to inclement weather, a make-up class will be offered. There is no reduction in fees for classes missed due to inclement weather.

Make up classes
Make up classes are by approval only and may not be available if the times don’t suit or there isn’t an appropriate class to do a make-up in. A maximum of 2 make up classes are permitted by each child per term and can only be used in the current term. If prior arrangement has not been made you may be refused entry to a program.

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the Flyaway Gymnastics office on 6041 1127 or email A copy of this Fee Policy is available at the office should you like a copy.
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