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FPA 2020 Contract

Please ensure that you have read and understood the relevant section of the Terms and Conditions.

We cannot be held responsible for any errors caused by failure to read or understand the Terms and Conditions in full.
As a customer of Formula Performing Arts these Terms and Conditions form the basis of your agreement with Formula Performing Arts.

1. The yearly registration fee covers music licensing, insurances, studio materials and is payable after online registration is complete. It is a non-refundable annual fee and is due before the commencement of classes.

2. Invoices will be emailed prior to the commencement of each term. I understand that I have until the given due date to pay my account. If there is a failure to make the payment prior to the due date I understand I will incur and have to make payment of a late fee.

3. Dance is a physical activity and the teacher or teaching assistant may have to assist your child’s understanding of an action, posture or position by physical contact e.g. holding hands in a circle; lifting, correcting posture. You consent to employees, sub-contractors, contractors and directors of Formula Performing Arts having contact with your child in this regard.

4. I understand that photographs and video footage of my student (child) may be used in Formula Performing Arts promotional materials on social media and further marketing materials and agree that this is allowed.

5. We are pleased that the majority of our valued customers settle their accounts in accordance with our terms. However, we occasionally have accounts that become overdue. Account reminders are emailed out in week 3 of each term. If still not paid, and overdue notice will be emailed with a 10% late fee in week 4 of the term. If still no action has been taken, an account final notice will be both emailed and posted by week 6 and will incur an additional $30 late fee. Please note that accounts that are not settled by the end of week 8 of term will be submitted to a collection agency with all costs involved being incurred by the customer

6. Please note that under no circumstances will there be credits for missed or cancelled classes. Make-up lessons are available the week after the class is missed and can be organised with the directors.

7. Classes are charged per number of weeks in each term. If your child’s class is cancelled due to public holidays, exams or other unforeseen circumstances, or they have missed a class due to personal matters, A makeup lesson can be arranged.

8. If your child/student does not complete a term you are still responsible for payment of that term.

9. If starting part way through the term you are responsible only for the remaining weeks of that term from the date of your registration.

10. All students must be appropriately groomed for class, with their hair tied back securely and are to wear appropriate dance attire. We will have a specific uniform perfect for Dance/Acrobatics classes.

11. I understand that my Active Kids Voucher may only be used solely for Dance Class Fees and nothing else at Formula Performing Arts.

12. I understand that Concert Events, Rehearsal Days, Photo Days and any other extra activities involved directly with Formula Performing Arts will have fees to cover the costs of running such productions.

13. I understand it is my responsibility to let Heidi Fox or Aaron John know if my child will not be participating in concert by Term 3 as every child is automatically assumed to be participating in this end of year event.

2020 will see the birth of Formula Performing Arts. Whilst keeping the essence of Ovation Academy and Divasnap Studios. Merging the studios will give your child more variety and options for more classes. Having a faculty of industry professionals ensures your child is receiving only the best in every lesson.

The genres of dance on offer at Formula Performing Arts cater to every type of performer.
“FPA is made by performers for performers”

Formula Performing Arts provides a safe place to become the best version of yourself as a person and performer no matter your age or ability.
We are here to assist your growth!
With crowd favourite classes specifically catered and created with passion for all genres, we know you will absolutely love our classes, so much so we offer a week trial of class on us!

Watch confidence flourish, new friendships form and discover natural talents all with the guidance and nurturing of Formula Performing Arts impeccably trained faculty.
403 Great Western Highway, Wentworthville (Lower Ground Level) - Second Driveway for entry access to the studio.

If you are unsure of what class would be best suited for you or your child do not hesitate to get in contact with Heidi Fox or Aaron John, Formula Performing Arts Studio Directors and they will find that perfect fit for you.

Each year we set off on our personal journeys to reach the same goal - End of Year Concert to showcase our newly found talents, love and passion for the performing arts.
This is the highlight of every year for all involved and is an opportunity for all students to perform for their friends and family.
Formula Performing Arts will provide a truly memorable performance and special stage experience that celebrates the growth, dedication and achievements of every single student.

Dates will be announced in late March with the venue of choice and other important information you will need in a nice bundle pack for you. Concerts do not have to be intimidating - Formula Performing Arts pride ourselves on the smooth and stress-free running concerts we hold.(Previously Ovation Academy and Divasnap Studios) Sit back and enjoy the experience watching your little love (or big love) shine.
There will be an additional fee to cover the hire of the concert hall as well as rehearsal time etc. This will be included in your termly invoice come term 3.

At Ovation Academy, we believe in good quality costumes accompanied by affordability. Please know dance costumes do not have to be a ridiculous expense although to have great quality garments there is a cost. We pride ourselves on our immaculate costuming and pricing. Budget per costume can range anywhere from $20 - $70. ‘Artist’ costumes(competition team-Invitation only) can be between $65-$120. For every performer a costume will be purchased per routine and is yours to keep. There will be certain circumstances where a performer will be asked to provide their own costume and you will be notified with plenty of time to organise an outfit for your special performance!

At least one garment will need to be worn to the End of Year Concert so every student is accounted for and recognised.
Students owning an Ovation Academy or Divasnap Studios uniform will be able to wear these to classes until Formula Performing Arts new uniforms are introduced.

Formula Performing Arts are very proud to have an affordable tiered pricing structure for classes and events alike.

Class Pricing is worked off of per student, per class with an additional discount system put into place for families when they reach a target amount of classes.

Pricing Structure: Per Person, Per Class :
1 Class = $12.00
2 Classes = $23.00
3 Classes = $33.00
4 Classes = $42.00
5 Classes = $50.00
6 Classes = $57.00
7+Classes = $60 Capped

Acrobatics - $12 Separate from pricing capped structure.

$30 Solo Lesson 1/2Hour
$35 Duo Lesson 1/2Hour

A Family Discount is given when:
At least 10 Classes are met = 10% Discount on Family invoice termly.
For two siblings a 15% Discount on the Family invoice termly.
Then 5% for every child there after.
There is an opportunity for a further 10% discount on your termly invoice if paid within the ‘early bird’ period. This will be clearly offered on your invoice. Regular fees and due date apply if early bird period is missed.

An invoice is sent out termly with a due date of week two-three per term. Every Term can range from 8-11 weeks dependant on the time of year.

Events such as Concert, Photo Day, Rehearsals etc will require an additional fee which will be added to your termly invoice for convenience. Please note all additional fees for such events cover hire fees and overhead costs.

Costume fees will be broken down into increments for convenience and affordability for each student. Term 2 will be your first increment followed by Term 3 and finalised by Term 3’s end.

We accept Active and Creative Kids Vouchers which can be applied for through service NSW website. We highly recommend applying for both as this is $200.00 a year for your child.
Vouchers are only accepted during Terms 1 & 2 towards class fees. Vouchers need to be sent to along with your child's date of birth to be activated. Your invoice will be updated and re-sent with the new outstanding balance.

We are unable to provide a refund, except in the case that a class has been cancelled (rare but will only happen in extreme circumstances)

We do provide a refund if a payment has been miscalculated according to our records however it is the parents responsibility to make sure that our admin is kept up to date with accurate enrolment information. Changes made to the enrolment need to be sent to and addressed these will only be taken into effect for the commencing weeks or following term.

Clients assumes full risk, waives all claims and release and hold Formula Performing Arts, its instructors, or partners of Formula Performing Arts program, individually or otherwise harmless for any and all claims for injuries or damages. In consideration of (clients) participation in and the use of Formula Performing Arts facilities, he/she hereby releases and covenants not to sue Formula Performing Arts its owners, directors, office staff, employees, representatives, agents, from any and all present claims resulting from ordinary negligence and inherent risk of use of facilities and equipment of Formula Performing Arts including but not limited to any loss, injury, damage or liabilities sustained by him/her while on or about the premises of Formula Performing Arts.

There is to be under no circumstances any photography or videography of children, students and teachers in class or of their works due to child protection laws and copyright. Under no circumstances is any image or footage to be posted to social media platforms and personal accounts without permission by the Directors of Formula Performing Arts.

Please ensure that you have read and understood the relevant section of the Terms and Conditions. We can not be held responsible for any errors caused by failure to read or understand the Terms and Conditions in full.
By issuing an online signature you agree to the entirety of this contracts.
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