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Terms & Conditions

I have read the school's Prospectus and agree to abide the school's rule, regulations and code of conduct.
As an enrolled student at the Capricorn School of Dancing I agree to the following terms:
• Students of the school shall attend all classes and rehearsals, unless notice is given of a student’s inability to attend class. Prior notice would be appreciated, especially for pre‐known absences. An email to the Principal at is preferred for all missed classes. At text or voicemail message is also acceptable.
• It is expected that 24hours notice is given when cancelling a private lesson. Students who cancel with less than 24hours notice are still required to pay the tuition fees, unless the teacher is able to fill the time. Please contact the student’s allocated teacher if your child cannot attend their scheduled private lesson. Students will not be permitted to continue with private tuition unless fees are paid and are up to date, including cancellation fees.
• Students shall be well groomed at all times and wear the correct dance attire to every class, workshop, seminar and theatre rehearsal. The correct school uniform is set out in the separate section of this prospectus.
• All choreographed routines at the school, unless individually purchased from an outside source, remain the property of the Capricorn School of Dancing. All routines choreographed by in house teachers such as Narelle Aspinall, Natalie Jahnke, Michele Ryan, Camilla Jakimowicz, Gretel Scarlett, Stephanie Harris & Karlie Bellew can only be performed whilst enrolled as a student at the Capricorn School of Dancing. The school has no objections to students purchasing individual routines from outside choreographers, as long as permission from the principal has been obtained in advance.
• Students are expected to gain permission from the principal for the performing of any routines outside the school at events such as eisteddfods, concerts, afternoon teas, fundraising events etc.
• Students are expected to ask for permission in writing before booking private coaching and attending workshops at the school.
• Students are only permitted to perform solos when they have fulfilled group work requirements. For example, for a student to perform a ballet solo they must participate in the ballet and national group that is relevant to their age.
• Students who can fulfill their own age for group work, may be asked to perform in group work in the age level above.
• It is not acceptable for Group costumes to be worn for any purpose, other than the group performance the costume was intended for.
• Group costumes are not permitted to be sold unless obtaining the permission from Principal of the school.
• Parents agree to the publication of group and class photos of students on the school’s website, facebook page and for advertising purposes.
• Members of the studio at all times must exercise appropriate and respectful behaviour toward their fellow students and teachers. Appropriate parent behavior is also expected.
Set out below are the expectations of student behavior:
- We expect that each child at the school will be valued and respected and has the right to feel safe and secure in the dancing environment. Inappropriate behaviour or language towards another student will not be accepted.
- We at the Capricorn School of Dancing place a strong emphasis on developing positive friendships and relationships with each other in a team environment. We expect that students work together cooperatively at all times.
- We expect each child to support and encourage each other throughout all competitive events and demonstrate good sportsmanship and comradery with other dance schools in the community.
- Students will not make any inappropriate comments regarding the dance school or any of its students on social networking sites.

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