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I understand that there are risks of physical injury associated with, arising out of and inherent to the activities described as cheerleading. In recognition of this acknowledged risk of injury, I knowingly and voluntarily waive all rights and/or causes of any kind, including any and all claims of negligence arising as a result of such activity from which liability could accrue to Athena Cheer Academy, its officers, agents, employees, instructors, subsidiaries, parent corporations, and all affiliated entities (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Athena Cheer").
I hereby agree to release Athena Cheer and hold Athena Cheer harmless of all liability and acknowledge that I knowingly and voluntarily assume full responsibility for all risks of physical injury arising out of active participation in cheerleading on behalf of the participant.
I am aware that this is a release of liability and an acknowledgement of my voluntary and knowing assumption of risk of injury.
I have signed this document voluntarily and of my own free will in exchange for the privilege of participation.
If I am a minor, my parent and/or legal guardian has read and acknowledged this document on my behalf releasing Athena Cheer from and all such liability described above and has acknowledged that I am knowingly and voluntarily assuming all risks of injury inherent to this activity.
The above named participant has my permission to participate in all Athena Cheer internal and external events. I warrant the above information is complete and correct.
I hereby authorize Athena Cheer or their agent to act on my behalf to provide emergency medical treatments. I further release Athena Cheer of all liabilities associated with my child's attendance in the Athena Cheer Program.

I hereby grant permission to Athena Cheer Academy representatives, to take and use photographs and/or digital images of my child/ren (or self if 18 years or older) for use in:

1. Media releases, media articles – including newspapers, radio, television – printed publications and/or educational materials
2. Electronic publications and communications such as the club’s Facebook site and website

I agree that my child’s name and identity may be revealed in descriptive text or commentary relevant to the image(s) and I authorize the use of these images without compensation to me. All negatives, prints, digital reproductions shall be the property of Athena Cheer Academy.

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