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1. STUDENT DETAILS:All information provided will be kept in strict confidentiality of ONE2STEP Dance Academy.

2. FEES:
Invoices will be emailed out each Term. Fees must be paid by week 2 of each term OR by the specified date. Failure to pay these fees by the date may mean your child's place will be offered to students on the waiting list. In addition, a late fee of $20 will be added to your invoice. Our preffered payment method is via direct debit. These details will appear on the bottom of your invoice. Payment plans are available for families upon request.

ONE2STEP is proud to showcase an annual Christmas concert. Involvement in this concert will incur additional fees for costumes, footwear and accessories. Payment of this fee is mandated if you wish your child to perform. Absence from the concert can be notified up until the completion of Term 3 without payment. If a costume is ordered for your child yet your child is unable to perform payment is still compulsory.

ONE2STEP Dance Academy aims to train young dancers to reach their full potential, therefore it is essential that they adhere to the dress code at all times. Please refer to our handbook for details.

I give permission for the teacher/s to administer First Aid and seek emergency medical assistance if necessary. I understand that I, my child or children participate in all ONE2STEP Dance Academy activities at my/their own risk. I understand that some physical contact from the teaching staff may be required for corrective purposes.

Choreography (including music and costuming) remains the sole property of ONE2STEP Dance Academy and may not be performed without prior consent. This includes group routines, Troupe routines and Solo routines.

Parents are not permitted to watch any class throughout the term. An open day will be held later in the year for parents to watch student’s progress.

Classes do not run on public holidays unless specified.

Often One2Step Dance Academy will be taking photographs or videos of students to be used for marketing, promotional purposes and on the website. If you would not like your child’s photo to be used please notify us by email.
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ONE2STEP Dance Academy
Return to Dance – COVID Safe Plan

1. Education
2. Contact Tracing
3. Physical Distancing
4. Studio Procedures
5. Sanitation & Hygiene
6. General Health
7. Extra Resources & Sources

• Education for members of the dance community about COVID-19 risk mitigation strategies is crucial. Many dance practices and social norms within the dance community are incongruent with the concept of physical distancing. Education will reset expectations for new required behaviours prior to recommencing activities.
• All ONE2STEP staff members will complete the Australian Government COVID-19 infection control training.
• Additional training/resources from Safe work Australia that have been accessed include:
- How to keep workers safe COVID-19.
- Workplace Checklist COVID-19.
- Physical distancing checklist COVID-19.
- Cleaning checklist COVID-19.
- How to clean and disinfect your workplace COVID-19.
- Health, hygiene & facilities checklist COVID-19.

• ONE2STEP will keep accurate rolls for all classes and staff. As children generally do not have phones, the COVID Safe App will not provide tracing information in the event of a COVID-19 case at your studio.
• All staff, parents and teen students are encouraged to download the COVIDSafe App. Link below:
• Unless otherwise advised, we will pass on information to the appropriate agencies for the purposes of contact-tracing if needed.
• If there is a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 in the ONE2STEP environment, the National Coronavirus Helpline (1800 020 080) will be contacted which operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for further advice.
• In the event of a confirmed case of COVID-19, at the ONE2STEP studio, all students and parents will be contacted. The premises will be immediately evacuated, and parents contacted to collect students. The premises will be closed and will undergo professional commercial cleaning. Once we deem it is safe, the premises will reopen. Infected persons will only be permitted back on the premises when the studio director has received written documentation from the persons general practitioner.

Staff, students and parents must adhere to current physical distancing standards. Such standards must be maintained at all times.
• Each studio floor is marked out in a grid for students to recognize where they must stand.
• We are fortunate to have two entrances at ONE2STEP, which will allow for a smooth flow of traffic throughout the studio premises. See studio procedures below.
• To allow students, teachers and parents to navigate points of exit and arrival there will be markings on the floor to help direct traffic.
• Our change room and waiting room will remain closed for the foreseeable future.
• ONE2STEP classroom activities will refrain from partner work and limit use of shared equipment such a barres, props, etc. Where possible students will remain at the same spot on the barre for the duration of the class. Where necessary, props will be allocated to students and cleaned after each use.
• Parents are encouraged to drop off and pick up only. If waiting on the premises is required, parents are encouraged to wait either in their car or outside. Parents are encouraged to practice physical distancing measures at all times.

• Students must arrive in uniform, with only a drink bottle and their dance shoes.
• We recommend all students eat off premises.
• Students MUST arrive just before their class is due to commence.
• Students MUST NOT walk from school to wait at the studio.
• Students MUST be dropped off at the FRONT of the studio (the office entrance). Students will sanitize their hands before moving directly to the studio that their class is taking place. Students will then exit the studio through the STAGE DOOR. There will then be a designated drop off and pick up area marked for parents/students.
• Students and teachers will also restrict their movements using toilet facilities. Studio 1 will use the toilet in the change room, studio 2 will use the toilet in the hallway and studio 3 will use the disabled toilet.
• ONE2STEP will make changes as needed if traffic issues arise.
• To avoid crowding at check-in points, the new timetable includes a 5-minute cross over time period between classes so students can leave the premises, before the next group comes in. Cleaning of studios, barres and equipment will also take place during this time. The hallway, toilets, door handles and other surfaces will be cleaned once the class has started.

• Cleaning and waste management protocols will be executed in the 5-minute window provided in the timetable. A full clean of the premises will occur daily before classes commence. Staff will adhere to the “Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection Principles” outlined by the Dept. of Health. mental-cleaning-and-disinfection-principles-for-covid-19.pdf
• Barres and door handles will be cleaned after each use. The front doors will remain open and entering backwards without touching the main doors is encouraged. Doors to studios will remain open to prevent excessive door handle use.
• Hand sanitizer is provided to all students and teachers upon entry and exit. Hand sanitizer is also available in each studio.
• Posters displaying good hygiene are displayed throughout the studio.
• Students to bring their own water bottles from home. Any drink bottle left on the premises at close of business will be disposed of.
• Doors of all studios will remain open where possible to allow for air flow.
• Split systems have been serviced and cleaned prior to reopening the studio.
• Each studio is equipped with a cleaning kit that includes; disinfectant spray, disinfectant wipes, Glen-20, tissues, a bin, and hand sanitizer.

• Students and staff are not to attend any classes if they are sick in any way or showing COVID-19 like symptoms. If there is a suspected COVID-19 case, you must self-isolate and seek testing in accordance with state or territory guidelines.
• Staff or students at the studio experiencing symptoms compatible with COVID-19 will be isolated in an appropriate space with suitable supervision, and collected by a parent/carer as soon as possible.
• High-risk individuals, as defined by the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee, are to attain a medical clearance and submit to the director prior to returning to classes.

The above guidelines are based on Dance Informa and AUSDance:
COVID-19 Information for workplaces:
Safe Work Australia COVID 19 Resource:
The Australian Health Protection Principal Committee latest advice:
Re-opening considerations of fitness facilities in Australia:

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