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- In completing the registration form you are consenting for Complete Dance Training to take photos of their students for social media, advertising and for teaching technqiues.

- Clients are to respect the staff of COMPLETE DANCE TRAINING and their teaching techniques.

- All clients of COMPLETE DANCE TRAINING are to act in a respectful manner to each other. Any disorderly conduct will not be tolerated.

- Upon completing the registratin form, you are agreeing to the rules and regulations of COMPLETE DANCE TRAINING including fees and payments. (full policies and procedures can be available for view in the members section of the website or at reception)

- COMPLETE DANCE TRAINING do not take responsibility for any accidents/injuries that occur –all students take part in classes and performance at their own risk, understanding that dance can be a high intensity activity.

- All fees and payments must be paid within the first five weeks of a term, clients understand that a $10 late fee will be added each week payment is late (discluding clients on payment plans). If payment has not been finalized by school holidays, a $30 fee will be added on top. Classes can be added during the term but they cannot be dropped - customers will still be charged untl the end of term should you wish to cancel a class - Students are encouraged to stay commited to the class for the duration of the term. CDT do not offer refunds.
We do offer payment plans that must be set up on a direct debit system

- It is a clients understanding that invoices are sent as a courtesy and not a requirement as payment is agreed on upon enrolment.

- Clients are to notify COMPLETE DANCE TRAINING of any injuries/illnesses prior to class as it may affect the teaching techniques implemented.

- COMPLETE DANCE TRAINING will not be held responsible for any lost or misplaced items.

- Company and solo classes are invitation only (excluding technique private lessons). You are of course welcome to express your interest

- Company Students may not compete with another dance studio while in the COMPLETE DANCE TRAINING competitive team. This is to avoid any situation where the two dance schools may compete against each other.

- There are specific prerequisites for particular CDT classes;
*students must do conditioning in order to partake in tumbling class
*Company members must partake in 2 ballet classes, technique, conditioning and tumbling

- Students should arrive ten minutes prior to their lesson prepared to begin in correct dance attire and to warm up

- Clients understand that in Term Four no performance classes may be cancelled or swapped.

- COMPLETE DANCE TRAINING staff do not take responsibility for children before or after class. When students are not in class, they should be under parental supervision or in the kitchen/waiting area.

- No parent is to observe/ interrupt a dance class unless specifically invited to by a teacher. This is to maintain a trusting rapport between teacher and student and benefits each childs learning. Families are invited in during Display Week

- The owners hold the rights to all choreography taught at COMPLETE DANCE TRAINING.

- HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!

Please see full policies and procedure on members page of website or at recpetion.

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