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I acknowledge that the classes conducted by SUMMERSALT GYMNASTICS are designed, in part, to improve fundamental movement, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, balance, co-ordination, muscular endurance and strength.

I acknowledge that SUMMERSALT GYMNASTICS may refuse my child entry into a class if they are late and have not participated in an appropriate warm-up.

I acknowledge that my child’s participation may carry some risk of harm or damage to their health or safety and that if I have disclosed certain illnesses or conditions that put my child at risk, SUMMERSALT GYMNASTICS has the right to refuse to allow my child to participate in classes unless and until I provide medical clearance in an approved form from a qualified medical practitioner.

I certify that I have consulted with a medical practitioner in regard to any past or present injury, illness, or other condition which may affect my child’s suitability or ability to participate in classes.

By checking this box, I agree that I am personally and unconditionally assuming responsibility for any harm, damage or loss suffered by my child as consequence of their participation. To the extent permitted by law, I release, indemnify and will keep indemnified SUMMERSALT GYMNASTICS, its Licensees, officers, employees, contractors and agents from and against any claims, rights and causes of action, including claims for negligence arising from my child’s participation in classes. This document may be produced and relied upon as complete defense to any such claim.

I acknowledge that if I have given photo consent, that my child's photo may be used for promotional or marketing material on any digital or print platform, and may be accompanied by their first name.

By checking this box, I declare that I have read, understand and agree to comply with all of the above terms and any other policy introduced by SUMMERSALT GYMNASTICS and notified to me.

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