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Polices & Procedures


Please email or phone 0447 008 060 Fierce Dance Principal or office prior to classes
if you have any questions or concerns.
Please do not disrupt classes. Please wait in the waiting area for a teacher to become available. Alternatively
you can book a meeting with Jasmine via email or phone.

Newsletters and Emails

Email and Social media is our main point of communication throughout the year. Please ensure email
addresses are up to date so you don’t miss out on communications. Please ensure to read documents
thoroughly to provide the best for your child’s learning experience.

Parent Watch

For students aged 4+ parents will not be allowed to watch their classes. This ensures students have full focus on
their task. It also encourages independence and confidence in the students. Teachers may invite parents to
watch or participate on special occasions.
Ages 2-3. – This age group can be accompanied by 1 parent/guardian in their class to spectate/join in.

Class Attire

Appropriate footwear must be worn for the style. Refer to welcome pack.
No specific uniform is required. Please wear comfy clothes you can dance in of your choice. Please no denim
as it restricts movement.
Hair tied back for acro and ballet classes.


Please notify us if your child is not attending class or alternatively mark attendance via the think smart app.

Cancellation of class

If principal cancels a dance class a credit will be held on the system for future make up class your child can
attend. A class needs at least 6 students to go ahead.

Registration Fees

$15 per student for enrolment fee for the year. This is non-refundable.

Thinksmart App

Accessible via website or downloading app
Company code: 7E8BW5UW
Used for the following:
• Class selection in new term
• Enrolling for new year
• Marking as away
• Changing details

Bank Details

Fierce Dance
Bendigo Bank
Bsb 633 000
Account: 158390815

Payment Options & Terms

Payment Options
• Bank Deposit
• Eftpos
• Bankcard and Ezidebit
• Weekly Direct debit via Ezibedit

Direct Debit Terms
• Weekly amount taken out via Ezidebit on Wednesdays
• This needs to be set up prior to due date
• All bills will be scheduled until the last week of term
• Ezidebit processing fees and late fees apply
• Fierce Dance charges a $5.00 for each time payments are rejected.
• Cancel Enrolment: If you wish terminate enrolment/direct debit mid-way through the school term you
will incur a $15.00 termination fee

Terms of Payment
• All invoices are Due 7 Days from Invoiced date unless set up direct debit.
• Refunds: No refunds, be sure of the classes you choose. (you can change classes but an amendment
fee will apply)
• Cancel enrolment: If you terminate enrolment before due date, you will only pay for the classes you
have attended in those 7 days. If you wish terminate enrolment/direct debit mid-way through the
school term you will incur a $15.00 termination fee
• Over due accounts will incur a late fee of $15.00 after due date and will incur a $1 late fee every week
after until account is paid.

Current students & New Terms

• Enroling mid-term: invoices are generated on enrolment
• Enroling before term commencement: Invoices are generated on the Saturday 7 days before term
• Currently enroled: Invoices are generated on the Saturday 7 days before term commences
• Current Student Changes: Any changes need to be made enrolment for the next term e.g. changing
classes or deleting classes, need to be made before invoices are generated or you will be charged
with a $2.00 amendment fee, per amendment.

Studio Rules

• Before and after all classes students are expected to be under parent supervision. Teachers supervision
only extends to students in class time.
• If a teacher is to wait for longer than 15 minutes for a child to be picked up you will be invoiced $2 per
minute until the child is collected.
• Students are to remain in the building until parents arrives. This is to ensure their safety!
• Parents are asked to escort their children from and to the car before and after classes if their children
are aged 7 and below. Please do not wait in the car and get your child to walk to the car unattended.
The car park is very busy and this can be a safety issue.
• No parents are allowed to enter the building unless for ages 2-3 classes.
• Respect to all teachers and students
• No students are to enter dance studios unless accompanied by a teacher. Teachers will say when they
are ready for students to enter.
• Students are encouraged to practice at home to improve skills.
• Please bring a water bottle with water only to class and crunch and sip ONLY is allowed. No snacks like
popcorn etc is allowed as it is to messy. No gum!
• No friends will be allowed to watch classes or rehearsals.
• No mobile phones during class.
• Students must clean up after themselves and keep their personal belongings/shoes etc in a tidy fashion
on the side seating area during classes.
• Please ensure if you think your child has lost an item at dancing they check the lost property basket in
the waiting area. Lost property will be cleared at the end of each term and taken to a second hand
store as we cannot continually store items.
• Fierce Dance is a smoke free environment.
Members Behaviour Policy
• All students are expected to show consideration and respect to all teachers and other students. This will
ensure a happy and pleasant environment for everyone.
• Students need to remember they are a role model for other students and show leadership by setting a
good example through their actions and speech.
• All students are responsible for adhering to the rules of the studio.
• Students must be 100% committed.
• Parents will be notified of student behaviour.
Please note: Details must match what you had enrolled with on system
Dismissal from the school
Fierce Dance reserves the right to refuse registration or can terminate enrolment from the school for any
individual (student or parent) displaying non-compliance, undesirable behaviour or non-payment of fees. If this
situation arises you will be refunded for classes that have not been rendered.

Child Protection

• Fierce Dance is committed to child safety. We support and respect all children, staff and volunteers.
• Fierce dance is committed to providing a safe, happy and empowered environment for everyone. We
are committed to providing an environment where all people feel valued and can learn in a supportive
• All and any allegations of child abuse and safety concerns will be treated very seriously. We have a
legal responsibility and moral obligation to contact the relevant authorities.
• Anyone with complaints about use of images of students can report their concerns to Fierce Dance
principal and these images will be removed.
• Anyone concerned with any inappropriate use of images regarding their child or other students can
report their concerns to Fierce Dance Principal and this will be dealt with accordingly.


No form of bullying will be tolerated! Any concerns should be discussed with Principal.
Any form of bullying from a student. Parent or staff member will result in instant dismissal from Fierce Dance!

Query and Complaint Procedures

If you need to lodge a complaint about another member of the studio please email
All complaints and queries will be dealt with promptly, seriously and with sensitivity and remain confidential.

Injury Policy

• Dancing is an activity where injuries can occur.
• Injuries must be reported by and to a teacher. Teachers and Principal will complete Injury Records if an
injury occurs.
• Students who are injured must get a clearance report from their doctor to clear them to return to
• Students must not conduct any acro tricks in the absence of a teacher.
• Fierce Dance is not liable for personal injuries.

Social Media Policy

You must be clear and ensure any info you put on social media is factual and accurate. All information must
respect individuals and the studio. You must have permission to film in class the work of other people. Any
information you put on social media must not damage the studio in any way, be disrespectful to members or
the studio or diminish a members reputation.

Rehearsals and Concert

• No parents are to enter at any time.
• If payment of fees are not up to date students will not be allowed to perform at the concert.
• Please have patience when picking up and dropping off your children. We have many students which
we cannot let leave unattended or all at the same time. Drop off/pick up times will be staggered for
age groups to make it less congested during these times.
• Students are to bring crunch and sip only at rehearsals and concert.
• If attendance is not 100% to class or rehearsals positions may be replaced.
• You must notify teachers as soon as possible if not participating in any concerts

Code of Conduct Students

Ages 18+ - Students aged 18 and above must not come to classes under the influence of alcohol or drugs or
bring alcohol or drugs to the studio. This will result in instant dismissal.
No smoking is allowed at the premises.

Code of Conduct Teachers

• Teachers must work in a healthy and safe manner and encourage others to do the same.
• Teachers must ensure they are not in a state that may endanger their own safety or safety of any other
person at Fierce Dance.
• Teachers must follow WHS policies and procedures at all times at Fierce Dance.
• Teachers must report any hazards at the studio as soon as possible.
• Teachers must use all equipment correctly.
• Teachers must reports any incidents or injuries to Principal as soon as possible
• Teachers from time to time will require to give physical contact in the dance environment to correct a
student’s position of arms, feet or body placement, however this will be appropriate physical contact
with no sexual or abusive intention. No Verbal Sexual or abusive conduct will be tolerated.

Picture Waiver

Photos and videos are taken regularly during classes and performances. I give permission for my student to be
photographed or videoed in class or in any performances and for these images to be used in advertising or on
social media platforms.
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