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Terms & Conditions

Cartwheels Gymnastics 2018 Terms & Conditions

PAYMENTS- Term fees, registration & PCYC membership is to be paid in advance and are non-refundable. Your spot can only be secured by full payment & failure to pay will result in the loss of your spot. Failure to pay on time will also result in exclusion from class. Fees & registration are invoiced by & payable to Cartwheels Gymnastics. The PCYC membership must be done at their front office. Fees are non-transferable.

TIMETABLE– Our timetable is subject to change & classes may be cancelled if the minimum number of students required is not reached.

MAKE UP CLASSES- We do not have make up classes. Only in the case of serious illness or injury requiring hospitalisation your term fees will be credited accordingly on the next term invoice with presentation of a doctors certificate at the time of the absence. Email doctors certificates to

CANCELLATION- A minimum two weeks notice is required if you are not going to continue into the next term or cancel your registration. You are responsible for any fees accrued in this time.

UNIFORM- Students are to wear the club training uniform as per Gymnastics Australia uniform policy. Hair must be tied in neatly & out of the eyes , even short hair can present a safety issue & should be tied up. Clothing with zippers, studs or buttons must not be worn on equipment. Inappropriately short, low cut or revealing clothing is unacceptable, tights should be a suitable length & extend below the buttock line. No jewellery, small studs or sleepers are acceptable. No shoes on the gymnastics mats or equipment.

WATER- Students are to bring a refillable water bottle every lesson. The gym is a food & drink free zone other than water.

BEHAVIOUR- Any disrespectful behaviour including but not limited to bad language & bullying towards staff, coaches or other students is unacceptable & will result in that student being removed from class. Students are to respect the gym, our rules & our equipment. Intentional damage to equipment such as scratching beam covers, picking foam out of matting or defacing Cartwheels property is forbidden. Students are not allowed on any equipment without direction from a coach. Failure to follow the rules & show respect will result in the student being removed from classes.

ENTRY- Non-participants are forbidden from entering the gym area at any time. Students must be dropped off & picked up from inside the gym, they will not be allowed to leave the gym without their guardian/parent. Students arriving early & unsupervised are not permitted into the gym until their class is timetabled to start. These students are not supervised & not our responsibility. Repeated lateness picking up students at the end of the session is not appropriate & will be billed accordingly to cover staff wages.

SPECTATORS- Spectators are not permitted inside the gymnasium, a viewing area is available in the foyer. This is to comply with child protection laws.

PHOTOGRAPHY– To comply with Gymnastics Australia’s photography policy and child protection laws, photography and videoing of students by spectators is forbidden.

MEMBERS HANDBOOK– Is mandatory reading & must be read prior to child starting class. It is available on our website & always attached to emailed invoices. The handbook contains expanded terms, conditions, rules & general procedural information.

ASSUMPTION OF RISK- Activities in gymnastics involve inversion of the body, weight bearing on hands & aerial activities at height. The sport by it’s nature carries an inherent risk of injury. Although all reasonable precautions are taken to ensure safety in the gym, injury may result during normal lesson activities. Parents & students must understand the risks & it’s consequence. Explain the risks to your children prior to the commencement of a gymnastics program along with the importance of listening to coaches instructions & following the rules of the gym. By registering your child into Cartwheels Programs you agree to accept this risk.

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