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Terms & Conditions

1. Enrolments
1.1 All students both new and current must complete an enrolment form. Each class must be listed.
1.2 Enrolments open in October for the following year.
1.3 Enrolments for Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE Dance) & Victorian Certificate of Education/Vocational Education and Training (VCE/VET Dance) open in August for the following year.
1.4 New students are welcome throughout the year.
1.5 To complete the enrolment process all forms and terms and conditions form must be completed and signed by a parent/care giver and handed directly to Dianne De Battista.

2. Fees
2.1 A non-refundablecompulsoryannual enrolment fee per student will be added to the Term One fees or upon enrolment. The fee covers licenses such as APRA AMCOS, Phonographic Performance Company of Australia (PPCA), administrative costs and insurances.
2.2 Term fee invoices will be issued the second last week of the previous term. Payable within 7 days
2.3 Semester invoices will be issued in December and June. Payable within 7 days
2.4 Fees are based on a sliding scale. The scale includes all dance styles with unlimited classes at no extra cost after 7 hours of classes per week per student has been reached. (VCE classes and private lessons are not included)
2.5. Students who enrol after the term has commenced will be charged the term fee (pro-rata). If students enrol after week five of any term classes will be classified as casual and the casual rate will apply.
2.6. A non-refundable compulsory annual personal injury insurance fee is charged per student in term one or upon enrolment.

3. Discounts
3.1 All discounted fee offers only apply if payments are received and paid in full by the specific date indicated on the invoice. If fees are paid after the due date full payment is required.
3.2 Families will receive a 5% discount if each family member enrolled participates in more than one (1) hour per week.
3.3Maximum discount all families will be entitled to receive on fees per term will be 10%.
3.4 Semester and Annual Discounts and Payments
Students who enrol for a full semester (two terms) will receive a 5% discount. Annual enrolments will receive a 7% discount. All invoices are to be paid in full by the due date to receive the discount. No refunds if students withdraw after the First class for the semester or the first class for the semester commences.
To commence semester or annual payments please email Dianne

4. Payments
4.1 All fees must be paid in full two weeks prior the commencement of the term.
4.2 Term fees will not be refunded if a student withdraws after the term has commenced.
4.3 Please note: Students will not be permitted to participate in dance classes if terms fees are not paid.
4.4 Online payments – you must quote the invoice number with your payment.
4.5All cash payments must be paid directly to Dianne De Battista.
4.6 Fees not paid by the due date may incur a 10% surcharge to cover administrative and recovery costs unless a prior arrangement has been made. Anyone who is unable to pay the term fees should contact Dianne one week prior to the deadline so that an alternative payment plan can be arranged. This must be in writing.
4.7 Students will not be permitted to commence a new term if previous term fees are still outstanding.
4.8Fees for Casual classes must be paid prior to the commencement of the class.
4.9Any waiver under this section shall not reduce any liability to pay fees and costs to Diakosmos Dance Academy.

5. Changes to classes and enrolment
5.1 Students unable to attend their allocated dance classes will be offered a credit class that must be undertaken within the terms and extra conditions may apply.
No Refunds apply or part thereof, due to absence.
Group classes may be used as a credit class however Private lessons are excluded. Please refer to clauses 4.2 and 4.9
5.2 Classes will not be held on public holidays. All fees will be adjusted to reflect the correct number of classes attended for the term.
5.3 Students wishing to increase/decrease the number of classes enrolled for the following term must notify Diakosmos in writing or by email a minimum of three weeks before the end of the current term. It is the responsibility of the parents/carer to inform Diakosmos in writing or by email. Verbal advice to staff/teachers and phone messages are not acceptable. Please refer to clauses 4.2 and4.9
6. Withdrawal / Cancellation Policy
6.1 If a student wishes to cancel their enrolment for the following term a parents/carers must notify Diakosmos in writing or by email. A minimum of three weeks is required as a courtesy to management and administration. Please refer to Clauses4.1 and 4.2
6.2 If a student withdraws after the new term commences and without giving the required 3 weeks written notification parents/carers are still liable to pay the current term fees. Please refer to Clauses4.1, 4.2 and 4.9
6.3 Terms fees or part thereof are non-refundable. No credits will be issued. Verbal advice to staff/teachers and phone messages are not acceptable.
6.4It is the responsibility of the parent/carer to inform Diakosmos in writing or via email should your child no longer will be attending classes. You will continue to be invoiced for all classes your child is enrolled in until such time written confirmation is received. Please refer to Clauses 4.2 and 4.9
6.5 No refunds on Semester or Yearly payments if a student withdraws. Please refer to clause 3.4

7. Uniforms
7.1 Occupational Health and Safety: All students are required to attend classes in correct dance attire. No street clothes are to be worn in class. No socks are permitted to be worn, appropriate dance footwear only. Hair should be pulled back neatly. Please ensure that all items of clothing are clearly labelled with the child's name.
7.2Students consistently ignoring the above regulation dress code will not be able to participate in class.
7.3 Performance Uniform. All students will be required to own a performance uniform. Students must wear the uniform when required. The uniform is a black leotard and skirt for girls. (Refer to the detailed uniform dress code sheet in the Diakosmos Book).

8. Duty of Care
8.1 Duty of care policy covers Occupational Health and Safety regulations and Safe Dance practice.
All students, parents and care givers must adhere to our Diakosmos Duty of Care Policy. (Refer Diakosmos Book)

9. Code of Behaviour
9.1 All students, parents, carers, teachers and staff are required to adhere to Diakosmos Dance Academy Code of Behaviour. This includes respectful communication, both verbal and non-verbal, for example, Students are to respect the creative and performance rights of their peers at all times. (Refer to Diakosmos book)
9.2Parents/Carers and students are to respect the creative rights of Diakosmos Staff. All choreography is owned by Diakosmos. Any use of choreography without prior approval or payment will be in violation of copyright laws.

10. Class Observation
10.1 Parents and friends will be able to view classes during open weeks or when permission is given.
10.2 Parents/care givers of special needs students may be present to assist.
10.3 Photos or videos may not be taken of any classes without the prior approval of Diakosmos Dance Academy.

11. Attendance & Lateness
11.1 Please advise Dianne on 0413 999 845 - message or SMS if the student is unable to attend classes.
It is important that all students arrive on time. This will minimise disruption to other students and to allow the student to follow Safe dance practices including correct warm-up routine.
12. Unforeseen Circumstances
Diakosmos Dance Academy is not liable for any cessation or interruption of electricity or gas supplies, industrial disputes, plant or equipment failure or any other unforeseen situation or accident.

13. Teachers
Diakosmos Dance Academy instructors are experienced, professional, credentialed performing artists and educators. We reserve the right to alternate or replace scheduled teachers with equally qualified instructors

14. Private Lessons
14.1 Private lessons are available to all Diakosmos students. The benefits of one on one session with a teacher are many. Students can focus on improving technique and/or learn choreography to perform. (Refer to Diakosmos Book)
14.2Parents/Care givers of students interested in attending private lessons must complete an enrolment form and hand it to Dianne.
14.3 All Private lessons at the committed rate (5 lessons) will be invoiced. The private lessons are to be paid for in advance to receive the discounted rate. At least one (1) week before the commencement of the lessons.
14.4Private lessons payments: casual rate- payment must be made at the prior the lesson.
14.5 Students unable to attend their private lessons must inform Dianne on 0413 999 845 at least 24 hrs. Before the commencement of the lesson. (Refer to Diakosmos Book)
14.6 Students taught choreography for Dance Competitions may not perform this work under any circumstances without prior approval from Diakosmos Dance Academy Principal. Please refer Clause to 9.2

15. Related Expenses
15.1Related expenses guidelines (refer to Diakosmos Book) cover the extra costs and terms and conditions that will apply to all students involved in the following activities: concerts, performances, exams, eisteddfods, private lessons, rehearsals and dance competitions.
15.2 Rehearsal fees will be charged if and when required. Examples include rehearsals for troupe competition groups and preparation for performances.
15.3 All students participating in Troupe or other Dance Competitions will be required to hire or purchase a costume hire fees and costume deposit fee will be charged.
15.4 All students participating in the Summer Concert will be charged a compulsory rehearsal fee. The Maximum number a student may participate in is three Productions.
15.5All students participating in the Summer Concert will be required to purchase or hire costumes. Costumes are individually priced and may require a costume per dance. Costume hire fees vary (conditions apply) Refundable costume fee is charged per costume. (Conditions apply) (Refer to Diakosmos Book)
15.6All Costume invoices are to be paid in full by the due date to receive the costume. Non-payment will result in the student not being able to wear the costume.Please refer to Clause 4.9
15.7Compulsory private lesson fees: Students who audition and are successful in obtaining a lead role in the Ballet, contemporary or Musical productions may be required to attend private lessons in order to prepare for their role.
15.8All students are required to attend the compulsory Photo Shoot that is held on the Sunday before the Summer concert. Parents/Carers deal with the photo company directly and have the option to purchase the photos on line.
All Term Fees, Diakosmos Packages and Related expenses are listed on our website on our fees page and displayed in the Diakosmos studio

16 Concerts
16.1 Diakosmos sets the expectation that all students will attend all rehearsals for the Winter and Summer concerts. The rehearsals prepare students for the performances.
16.2 The rehearsals for the Winter Concert will be set up when required. Rehearsals will be held in addition to the regular classes.
16.3 Summer concert rehearsals are compulsory for all students participating in the concert. All important dates are listed on our website under Important Dates. A detailed rehearsal timetable will be available in Term Three or upon enrolment. The Compulsory rehearsals are in addition to the regular timetabled classes held on week days /evenings. The rehearsal timetable commences in October each year. The rehearsals will take place over three evenings, one for each Production and every Saturday. Students still attend their regular classes timetabled on week days/evenings throughout term four.
16.4All choreography is owned by Diakosmos Dance Academy. Please refer to Clause9.2
16.5 Students may attend classes throughout the year and not participate in the Summer Concert. Parents/Carers must inform Dianne in Term Two.

17. Communication
17.1Diakosmos Dance Academy will communicate school events to parents, carers, students, teachers and staff via email.
17.2 All important events, newsletters, invoices, changes to class times and related information will be emailed.
17.3 Important information will also be placed on noticeboards at the studio.
17.4 Students will receive hard copies of important documents. Such as–Internal events forms, Student Goals and Competition entry forms.
17.5 Parents/Carers who wish to discuss matters further are welcome to make an appointment with Dianne.

18. Photography and Video
18.1 Diakosmos Dance Academy does not permit the use of any recording devices (visual and audio) in studios or change rooms.
18.2 If permission has been given to record dance routines for rehearsal, under no circumstances should the material be placed on social media, networking media without the permission of staff, students, parents and care givers.
18.3 Due to privacy parents/care givers are not permitted to take photos or video recording of their child during performances or open days. Some families do not feel comfortable with this so it will not be possible to photograph/video troupe performances.
18.4 During open classes and public performances phones must be turned off or on silent.

19. Acknowledgment of Terms and Conditions
19.1 All parents/guardians must sign and agree to the terms and conditions before their child can officially attend dance classes at Diakosmos Dance Academy. We reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions at any time. All student, parents, carers, teachers and staff are required to adhere to the contents of this document and any changes.Diakosmos Dance Academy ensures that your personal details are kept confidential and used only by the Diakosmos staff.

20. Diakosmos Dance Academy Marketing Authority
20.1 All parents/guardians have the option to sign and agree to give Diakosmos Dance Academy permission to use photos or video footage of their child/children.
20.2 The photos or video footage taken during classes/performances/productions remain the property of Diakosmos Dance Academy and may be used in advertising material including but not limited to brochures, magazines, Facebook, displays and the website:

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