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Terms & Conditions

I / we in the case of an emergency give Star-Mites Gym Sports permission to call St Johns Ambulance and transport as required. I / We give permission for Star-Mites Gym Sports to seek medical assistance as required in the case of an emergency. I / we understand Star-Mites Gym Sports will make every effort to contact me in the event of an emergency. I / we understand that Star-Mites Gym Sports are not responsible for any cost incurred through the emergency.
I / We agree to pay all fees incurred by or on behalf of the athlete, including but not limited to term fees, registration fees, competition entry fees, and travel expenses on or before the due dates. Debt Recovery - I / We understand that Star-Mites Gym Sports may at its discretion commence proceedings or engage a debt collector to recover fees outstanding for period in excess of sixty (60) days. The expense of debt recovery will be a cost to the person signing this form.
Star-Mites Gym Sports may during events or training take group or individual photos/videos to be used for in house newsletters or media publication. (At no time will we publish the name of the athlete without consent)
Participation in gymnastics activities carries with it a reasonable assumption of riskI
I acknowledge and understand by its very nature the sport of gymnastics contains an element of risk to my child participating in the sport of gymnastics. I / we have explained to my child the need to follow safety instructions, remain in areas designated by staff, and refrain from behaviour that could cause injury. I/ we acknowledge the request of management that children enrolled in the program are kept clear of the floor and equipment prior to their class and children NOT enrolled in the program are to be kept clear of the training area and equipment at all times

Privacy Policy

In accordance with the Privacy Amendment (Private sector) act (2000), the information contained within this form will be used primarily for matters specifically related to participating in the sports under the gymnastics umbrella.
To assist in providing our services, the organisations to which we disclose information include:
Gymnastics WA-Gymnastics Australia-Insurers-Sport Education Section (ASC)
Government and regulatory authorities and other organisations, as required or authorised by law.

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