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Make Up Lesson Policy

• Swimmers are entitled to two make-up lessons per term upon giving 24 hours’ notice prior to their lesson.
• Must be completed within the term the original lesson is missed.
• Are subject to availability and are not guaranteed, no refund or credit will be given if a suitable lesson is unavailable.
• May be taken at any one of our four locations, if a suitable lesson is available.
• Are only available to book one week in advance.
• Are non-transferable to siblings, holiday program, and or the following term.
• For extended illness/injury please contact the Swim School Manager, when the illness/injury occurs. Backdate Doctors Certificates without prior knowledge to Aquastar Swim Schools will not be accepted. These circumstances are evaluated on an individual basis.
• Extended holidays during term are only eligible for the two make-up lessons. The extra lessons missed will be forfeited and cannot be made-up, credited or refunded.
• Once booked a make-up lesson cannot be changed. If it is missed no replacement lesson will be given.
• Are not permitted during the first two weeks of term.
• Any make-ups not completed will NOT be credited or refunded.
• Any cancellations throughout the holiday program will not be issued a make-up lesson or a refund.

*Makeup lessons will not be taken into consideration until term fees have been paid in full.

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Policies and Procedures

1. New Enrolments
Enrolments are secured once full payment has been received. Making payment means that you acknowledge and accept the mentioned terms and conditions below.

2. Re-enrolling for the next term
To confirm your enrolment, your payment must be received no later than one week prior to the last day of term. If payment has not been received by this time, your position will be deemed vacant and offered to other applicants who are interested in securing the position. Students who are re- enrolling remain in their class unless they are moving up a level or you wish to change day or time. You will receive an invoice via email four weeks prior to the end of the current term that will indicate the term dates, lesson times and fees. If you do not wish to enrol we kindly ask that you notify the office ASAP.

3. Early Bird Payment
Approximately 4 weeks prior to the end of term invoices are sent out. During this first week of re-enrolment you will receive a 5% discount. Payments make after the closing date will not be offered Early Bird Payment under any circumstance.

4. Sibling Discount
• A discount of 5% is given for the 2nd child
• All subsequent children are given a 50% discount
• The discount is for SIBLINGS ONLY.
• Sibling Discount is not applicable during the Holiday Intensive Programs

5. Request for lesson changes
You can change day/time at any stage throughout the term. Whilst every effort is made to accommodate requests for change, it is dependent on the availability of vacancies and no guarantee can be given to accommodate requests.

6. Fees and Payment Method
Term fees are payable in full by one week prior to the end of the previous term for existing clients and upon enrolment into the term for new clients. Of the total term fee, $30 per student per class acts as non-refundable deposit. Payment may be made by the following methods:
• - Cash, Internet transfer, Creditcard and EFTPOS are only accepted at the Morrabbin Pool
• - It is imperative when paying by internet transfer that you quote “Surname + Invoice No.” so that we can reconcile all payments

7. Failed Payments
If the bank rejects a transaction an alternative payment must be made. Failed payments remain due and payable. Any costs incurred in the processing of your fees will be passed onto you. An administration fee of $25.00 will apply.

8. Cancellations/Enrolment Withdrawals
An enrolment withdrawal can be requested at any stage. You will receive a refund for the remaining lessons less $50 ($30 non-refundable deposit plus a $20 administration fee).

9. Make-up Lessons:
• Students are permitted a maximum of two make-up classes per term upon notification of cancellation.
• No make-up classes will be allocated during the first two weeks of term
• No make-up classes are given for classes missed without notification of cancellation prior to the lesson
• Make-up classes missed without cancellation will not be issued another make-up lesson and will not result in a refund
• Make-up classes cannot be transferred to the following term, Holiday Program or siblings
• Any classes missed during the Holiday Program will not be issued a make-up lesson
*Please refer to our DETAILED Make-Up Policy for more information.

10. Presentation of a Medical Certificate
• Presenting a medical certificate for classes missed without cancellation will not result in extra make-up classes
• Presentation of a medical certificate will not result in a refund unless you wish to apply for an enrolment withdrawal (refer to item 7)
*Please refer to our DETAILED Make-Up Policy for more information.

11. Public Holidays & School Holidays
Classes do not run on public holidays or term school holidays and do not form part of your account.

12. Teacher & Time changes
The swim school reserves the right change instructors or move students if the need arises. Although we strive to maintain consistency with instructors this is not always possible.

13. Swimming Attire
All students who are not fully toilet trained must wear correct aqua nappies whilst in the pool. All students (except for those in the parent child class) are required to wear a swim cap. It is recommended that all students (except babies) wear goggles. Please refrain from dressing your child in board shorts, rash vests or bikinis.

14. Parental Supervision
All children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian whilst at the centre. Children must be collected by the parent or guardian over the age of sixteen at the conclusion of every lesson. Children are not to be left pool side unattended or enter the water until the teacher is present.

15. Photographic & Video Images
Photographs or video footage are not allowed to be taken of a child or children whilst they are in the centre. Parents and relatives/friends wishing to take images of their child/ren during class must obtain consent from all other parents or guardians whose children are in the same class and the swim school office.
Any photographic or video footage taken by staff is used strictly in house for training purposes only. Parental permission will be obtained for any photographs to be used in the newsletter, advertising material or on the website.

16. Miscellaneous
• Students and parents are not permitted in the pool before or after class
• Toys on pool deck are for class use only
• Please refrain your children from disturbing classes that are in session
• Children aged 7+ are not permitted in the opposite sex change room
• All unclaimed lost property will be donated to charity at the conclusion of each term

17. Privacy Statement
The personal information collected by Aquastar Swim Schools is used for swim school use only. Information such as medical details is required to assist in accommodating individual needs and abilities.

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