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Terms & Conditions

Our program runs year-round and enrolments are accepted at any time of the year. An assessment will be arranged to determine the most suitable squad for your child.
Your booking is perpetual, meaning it will roll over from term to term, eliminating the need to re-book each term. Your booking remains until you inform us of your intention to withdrawal from the program.
Bookings are subject to availability and we cannot guarantee there will be space available on your preferred day and time. Upon enrolment you will be asked to select 4 preferences for class times, we will always endeavour to offer you your first preference, but unfortunately this is not always possible.
Children must swim in their allocated time only.

It is possible to make changes to your booking via email to
All changes are to be submitted before the end of week 3 for each current term.
We will do our best to accommodate your preferences. Changes are only possible if there are vacancies in the requested class. If you are a Swordfish swimmer please see note below.

At the commencement of each term, Swordfish swimmers must email any changes to your weekly session attendance so rolls accurately reflect when all swimmers will be in attendance.

At Willoughby Swim Squads we encourage swimmers not to miss their classes. Most classes run at full capacity and therefore we are unable to guarantee make up classes.

Credits or refunds are not provided for missed classes.

Fees are paid in-advance each term. All accounts are to be paid before the start of term. Our pricing schedule is listed under the fees section of the term schedule distributed to all customers, and on our website.
A pro-rata amount will apply if you commence enrolment part way through the term. You will not be charged for public holidays. Our preferred method of payment is EFT or cash.

Please note a late payment fee of $25 per family will apply to all accounts paid after week 4 of each term. This fee is necessary to cover administration costs involved in the time it takes to chase up late payments. Please be sure to pay your fees on time to avoid this extra charge.

We are unable to provide credits or refunds for any lesson missed.
Credits are only given if your child has an
injury requiring them to miss an extended period (more than 2 weeks). For a credit, a doctor’s certificate is required.

Please note that fees do not include entry to Willoughby Leisure Centre. You must obtain an entry pass from WLC before admittance. It is recommended that you purchase a 20 visit squad pass.
Before you purchase a 20 visit squad pass, you will need to see Paul or Rudy to receive a token that gets you the squad discount.
For families who have more than 1 child and who whose parents might want to use the facilities at Willoughby, I would enquire about a family membership as an economical way of gaining entry.

If your child no longer wishes to continue in our program, a Notification of Withdrawal is required 4 weeks before the commencement of each term. This ensures that we can offer your allocated position to a new or existing customer. Withdrawal notifications submitted after the commencement of term will incur a 4-week fee payment.

Willoughby Swim Squads is committed to protecting children from abuse. Through the implementation of strategies that assist in preventing child abuse from occurring, the Swim School has taken a pro-active role in relation to child protection and intervention. These strategies will help to foster a safe and positive environment for children when participating in swimming lessons. Willoughby Swim Squads is committed to ensuring that the safety, welfare and well-being of children is maintained at all times during their participation in classes

Provide a safe environment and activities:
We recognise our obligation to provide a safe environment for staff, students and visitors to our premises, including children. Training is provided in Work Health and Safety issues and staff are actively encouraged to identify any potential hazards to children and take action to control any risks.

Protect privacy and confidentiality:
We place considerable importance on safeguarding the privacy and confidentiality of information provided to us about particular children and their families, through honouring and respecting its personal nature. We have developed a privacy policy regarding the collection, use and storage of information.

Carefully recruit and screen staff:
We apply sound recruitment processes and undertake identification checks on all prospective employees. We verify working with children clearance and conduct thorough reference checks before offering candidates employment.

Provide support to staff and trainees:
We seek to attract the best staff. We have developed a code of conduct to provide guidance for our staff when working with children and all staff are inducted in this policy, the code of conduct and our child protection complaint procedures. All teachers and trainees have supervisors assigned to support and supervise their teaching.

Act on any concerns about the conduct of our staff:
Our organisation has developed procedures to make it easy for people to report any concerns and complaints relating to inappropriate behaviour around children.

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