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The customer is the parent/guardian who enrols the student. The customer is solely responsible for all correspondence and the payment of all accounts. Any arrangement for co-contributions from third parties is the sole responsibility of the customer. This is not the responsibility of DanceWorks.

I understand and accept that Term Fees must be paid in full by their due date. If my account is overdue my child will be unable to participate in class until they are finalised.

All correspondence can be electronically emailed to my email address listed on my Customer Details including invoices and correspondence relating to dance for my child/children. I agree to check my emails regularly. I will check the DanceWorks Noticeboard & Official Website for communication and amendments.

I understand and accept that at times my child/children will have physical contact with teachers and other students.

Medical Consent

If in time of an accident or serious illness and I cannot be contacted, I give permission for DanceWorks staff to administer first aid to my child/children and seek medical attention.

I understand and accept that dance classes can involve risk or personal injury. While
DanceWorks takes all due care in the conduct of classes, it accepts no responsibility for injury or loss caused during classes or whilst students/participants are at or near the Dance Studio. I am responsible for ensuring that my child is physically and medically fit for the class and during the class my child must at all times take care of their own personal safety.

Publicity Consent

I give permission for my child/children, to be involved in promotional activities and/or articles in relation to DanceWorks. This may include still photography, video photography, printing of names under photos and printing of names in relation to student achievements and activities therefore identifying students publicly.

I give permission for my child/children to be videoed at performances including the End of Year Showcase. I understand that copies of the End of Year Showcase will be sold to DanceWorks families and friends and may be viewed by members of the public.

I understand and accept the information in the DanceWorks 2021 Handbook. I acknowledge any breach of these policies may result in the cancellation of my enrolment.
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