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Please fill in the registration form (click “Register Now!”) after reading this information about our instructors, classes and facilities. If you have any questions, please call 9665 0328 (The Grandstand, formerly Turf City) or 9186 2873 (other venues)


All our instructors are certified by AUSTSWIM, the leading Australian body that provides comprehensive swimming teacher education (Marsden Swim School is Singapore’s only Tier One AUSTSWIM centre). They are qualified to teach infant and adult water familiarisation, water safety, learn-to-swim, stroke development and competitive stroke classes. Most are also qualified to teach people with special needs. Most of our instructors are university-educated.


Apart from Sam Jackson, office administration is done by Anne Greetham and Janet Wallace. If you wish to check the class schedule, need to call in sick or have questions about payment, speak to them on 9665 0328 (The Grandstand/Turf City) or 9186 2873 (other venues) OR LEAVE A MESSAGE ON THE VOICE MAIL OR SEND AN EMAIL (


Safety is the highest priority in any aquatic activity. No swimming class can “drown-proof” a child or non-swimming adult, but it can increase their ability to assess and avoid potential aquatic dangers (for example through the use of safe entries) and develop a realistic understanding of their swimming ability. The three initial skills beginners must acquire are water familiarisation (which can take several months), buoyancy and mobility. Emphasising strengths in a fun, non-intimidating atmosphere is vital to building self-confidence in the water. Whenever possible, students should also swim at least once or twice outside class times to reinforce skills. Please talk to us if you have queries or concerns, wish to change times or instructors, or have suggestions!


Certificates of proficiency, based on levels recognised by AUSTSWIM, are presented twice a year to students in our half-hour classes. Minisquad and squad swimmers receive certificates of achievement.


There are a maximum of six students per group class, with an average of three to four, depending on student age and ability. Individual classes can also be arranged (especially during the holidays when our schedule is less busy) if a student requires extra tuition or special help.


If your child is unable to swim independently, regardless of his/her age, you will need to be in the water with them during group classes. Please bring your swimming costume! If you do not wish to get in the water with your child, you may wish to book individual lessons so they can be supported by the instructor.


At The Grandstand (Turf City), there are hot showers; the toilets are a short walk inside the shopping complex. The Dover Court Internationals school has hot showers, toilets and change facilities. Queenstown Swimming Complex and Ang Mo Kio Complex have showers and toilets. The Canadian International School (Lakeside) has showers and toilets.


In compliance with National Environment Authority regulations, the quality of our pool water is regularly checked and one of our primary concerns. To help us keep our water hygienic, all children under three must wear disposable or permanent swimming diapers/nappies (such as Huggies “Little Swimmers”, which can be bought at Cold Storage and NTUC supermarkets). If you cannot find them, we can sell you diapers for S$2 each. Adults and older children are also encouraged to wear swimming caps and/or tie their hair back to stop excessive hair in the pool which taxes the filtration system. Please do not bring your child to swim class if they are running a fever, have diarrhoea, or are otherwise unwell. We do conduct random temperature checks to ensure our swimmers are not running a fever.


Flotation aids (kickboards, backpacks and noodles) help beginners practise skills with less fatigue and also help timid students maintain a buoyant position. Kickboards are invaluable in teaching stroke correction. However, some children dislike aids so wherever possible their natural swimming style is encouraged. Dependency on aids is also avoided by alternating between aided and non-aided swimming within the class.


If your half-hour class is definitely cancelled due to lightning or torrential rain, your instructor or class administrator will SMS you before the class starts if at all possible. Torrential rain will not stop classes at The Grandstand (Turf City) as the pools are under cover. Otherwise, if you have not heard anything from us, please show. You will not be granted a make-up if you choose not to come and the class goes ahead without you. A make-up will be offered for up to two classes per term cancelled due to lightning/heavy rain (please see our make-up policy, below).

If, during the class, lightning strikes, the instructor will ask everyone to immediately vacate the pool. If the class can recommence after 15 minutes of no lightning, the instructor may choose to combine classes or start subsequent classes slightly later to accommodate all students as fairly as possible. If the class has to be cancelled because the lightning does not stop, a make-up will be offered except when 15 minutes or more of the class has already been conducted before the lightning struck.

For hour-long squad and 45-minute minisquad sessions, the coaches will conduct dry-land training if part or all of the water training is cancelled due to lightning. If you choose not to come to squad or minisquad, you may attend another regular session during the week (e.g. if you choose not to come to 4pm Tuesday squad, you could come to 10am Sunday squad).


At Turf City/The Grandstand, there is unlimited parking (try Carpark E). Parking is allowed in the Australian School carpark next to the pool all day on Sunday. Queenstown Swimming Complex and Ang Mo Kio Swimming Complex feature coupon parking. Canadian International School allows visitors to park once they have swapped their I.D. for a visitor’s pass.


Marsden Swim School Fee Structure from January 2018
All classes except for squad classes run for half an hour (unless otherwise stated).

Group Lesson: $32
Semi Private Lesson: $42.50
Private Lesson: $65

Group Lesson: $35
Semi Private Lesson: $47.50
Private Lesson: $70

Squad (Per week, can attend more than one session)
Development Squad (Mini Squad): $40 per week
Junior/ Senior Squad: $40 per week

There is a one-off registration fee of S$30 per family which is due the first week of class. Also required by new students is a refundable deposit equivalent to four weeks of classes/squad sessions (for every student in a family). If four weeks’ written notice of termination of attendance is given, this will either be deducted from your final term’s invoice or refunded in full. If four weeks’ written notice is not given, this deposit will not be refunded.


We have a quarterly invoicing system (i.e. January to March, April to June, July to September, October to December). If you join part-way through the a term, you will only be invoiced for the remaining classes. Please return the payment slip with your cheque and PLEASE MAKE CHEQUES PAYABLE TO “C LICENCE PTE LTD” if you child attends a class at Turf City/The Grandstand or “MARSDEN SWIM SCHOOL PTE LTD” if your child attends a class at another venue (when in doubt, please follow instructions on invoice). We also accept cash and credit card payments (Visa and Mastercard). If you wish to make a bank transfer, please email us to advise the date you have done this and please use your invoice number as your reference on the transaction. Our Standard Chartered Bank account details are:

Name: C Licence Pte Ltd
Account No: 2400005286
Branch Code: 024
Bank Code: 7144
Reference: your invoice number
Address: 261 Holland Avenue, Singapore


Name: Marsden Swim School Pte Ltd
Account No: 0102483582
Branch Code: 001
Bank Code: 7144
Reference: your invoice number
Address: 6 Battery Road, Singapore 049909


A maximum of two make-up classes per child per term is offered for 30-minute classes at no extra charge if you give us advance notice that your child will be absent or if we need to cancel a class due to weather (in addition, if you know you will be away for part of the next term, please let us know in writing before the term begins and we will not invoice you for up to two classes which you will miss.). No make-up can be carried over into the following term except in exceptional circumstances. Three alternative classes (at various times and venues) will be suggested for each make-up but Marsden Swim School cannot be held responsible if they don’t fit into your schedule or location preference. If you can only make one venue at one particular time and there is no available spot at your requested time and venue, you will unfortunately miss out on your makeup. If you must miss a class, please ring us before the class whenever possible so we can give another child a make-up class in your child’s absence. IF YOU DO NOT RING US, YOU WILL FORFEIT YOUR CLASS FEE AND NOT BE ELIGIBLE FOR A MAKE-UP.

If You Miss Your Make-up Class

If you do not show for your make-up class, that missed make-up class will be considered one of your two make-ups for that term. We do not offer make-ups for missed make-up classes.

Absence Without Informing Us

If you are absent from class for two weeks in a row, without informing usin advance, and you have not paid for the term, we reserve the right to assume that you are no longer interested in attending and may fill your space with someone else. Because the instructor will turn up even if you don’t, you will also be liable to pay for missed classes when you do not let us know in advance. WHEN EVER POSSIBLE, PLEASE RING US (6473 8353 for Holland Road, Queenstown, Canadian School or Australian School, 9665 0328 for The Grandstand) AND LEAVE A MESSAGE IF YOU CAN’T ATTEND A SESSION.

Withdrawal Policy

If you do not wish to resume classes the following term, please inform us in writing at least four weeks before the start of that term. Otherwise, we will assume that you will be continuing your regular class and will invoice you accordingly. If you wish to withdraw your child during a term, please give us four weeks’ notice in writing. Payment for the classes you have done PLUS four classes will be expected if you withdraw your child during a term without giving us four weeks’ notice in writing. Your refundable deposit of four weeks of classes/squad sessions will be refunded in full, or deducted from your final invoice, if you provide us with four weeks’ written notice.

If Your Child Is Sick For More Than Two Sessions

If your child has a medical condition (e.g. severe infection or broken limb) which will prevent them from completing more than two weeks of the term, please provide us with a medical certificate stating this (before he/she starts missing those classes!), and we will credit the fees you have paid for these classes towards the following term. Please note, however, that depending on the length of your absence, you may not get the same class time in the next term (unless you choose to pay for the affected term instead of holding over a credit). If your child is only going to be absent from two classes because of illness, they can be taken as your normal two make-ups per term.


CLASSES WILL NOT BE HELD ON SINGAPORE PUBLIC HOLIDAYS UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED. Term dates and our swim school holidays are on our website ( If you know you will be away for some part of the next term (e.g. summer holidays), we will deduct two weeks of your holiday from your next invoice if you let us know in writing before the next term begins. If you do not let us know in writing before the next term begins, we will invoice you for the whole term. If you decide to take an impromptu holiday during a term, missed classes will need to be paid for, not deducted from your invoice. Up to two classes can be made up as part of your two-make up quota per term.


The Rules
Follow the teacher’s directions.
Listen when the teacher is talking.
Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
Walk around the pool area.
Use respectful language with your fellow swimmers and coaches.
At The Grandstand (Turf City) pool, stay on the platform when you are not swimming.


In the event of disruptive behaviour, the teacher will first state the consequence as a choice e.g. “You have a choice, please follow my instructions or leave the pool for five minutes.”
If student chooses to leave the pool for five minutes, and then gets in and disrupts the class again, the next time-out will be 10 minutes.
The third time-out will be removal from the pool for the duration of the session.

With dangerous or violent behaviours, immediate removal from the pool and possibly from the swimming venue will be requested.

CPR/First Aid courses

If you, your domestic helper or child is interested in receiving up-to-date first-aid training, please ask us about the different courses available. We offer an internationally recognized CPR/First Aid course specifically focused on infants and children or we can tailor a course to meet your specific needs. Please contact Anne Greetham on 9227 7747 or

Swim Gear

Children’s and adults’ goggles, swim flippers, noodles, kickboards, pull buoys, dive sticks, ear bands, sunscreen, Marsden Swim School/Squad tshirts and other swim gear are available in our shop at The Grandstand (Turf City). Squad kits (mesh bag, pull-kick buoy, finger/hand paddles, training fins and swim cap) and swim snorkels are available at Holland Road. Please consult our website (“Shop”).

For Our Female Swimmers/Mothers

Recently several clients have chosen to miss one class a month because of their period/menses. Unless you are ill from your period, you will be expected to forfeit your class fee if you choose not to enter the water for your or your (accompanied) child’s class. Spare tampons are available at The Grandstand; just ask the admin staff.


As a family-run business, we pride ourselves for our individual-focused service. We respect and welcome your continuing feedback to help us improve. Please email feedback to

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