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Terms & Conditions DFS/StKilda FC program

1) If my child has a medical condition I acknowledge that I or a nominated person is required to stay with my child for the duration of each session and if required, will administer any first aid. I hereby release Dynamic Footy Skills & St Kilda FC from any liability for injury incurred by my child at the Session

2) No refunds will be issued for non-attendance

3) We try to accommodate group requests but give no guarantee

4) Parents are required to apply sunscreen and provide an appropriate hat for their child, if parents believe it required.

5) I give permission for my child to be photographed and/or videoed whilst participating in this program and understand that images may be used for future program marketing material.

6) By participating in this DFS/St Kilda FC program you agree that St Kilda FC may contacted you with promotional offers

7) By participating in this DFS/St Kilda FC program parents accept that the data collected may be shared between DFS & St Kilda FC

MOUTHGUARDS - Australian Rules Football is a contact sport and while training, players may make body contact with other players, footballs, objects and the ground, which may cause injury.
Dynamic Footy Skills STRONGLY recommends that every player wears a mouth guard to help minimize possible injury.

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