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Terms & Conditions

Conditions of Enrolments
All enrolments are subject to maximum class sizes. Once your enrolment application has been received an email will be sent to you. Confirmation of enrolment acceptance will then be sent and will include a form for Direct Debit, which will need to be printed, signed and returned prior to the first class. All enrolments will be registered in the order of the direct debit form being received. Your child’s place in all classes will be secured upon our receipt of this form.
Emergency Consent
Upon enrolling at The Macarthur Ballet and Dance Studio you will need to bring to our attention any illness or pre existing medical condition that your child has. You must also give your consent that in the case of an emergency requiring medical treatment we may need to call an ambulance. Failure to provide this information is the sole responsibility of the parent/guardian. Parents/guardians will always be contacted before any action is taken, unless deemed life threatening at the time.
Illness and Injuries
The Macarthur Ballet and Dance Studio asks that parents do not bring their child to classes if they are suffering a contagious illness, (i.e. Nits, Chicken pox, Measles). Please leave a message via studio APP or email if your child is going to be absent from dancing. If your child is suffering from any injuries that may affect their dancing please ensure you have informed us of the nature of the injury
It is the responsibility of every parent/guardian to advice The Macarthur Ballet and Dance Studio of ALL allergies for their child. Please note that as nuts and other food is of great concern to some children, we do not allow food sharing and therefore ask parents to enforce this rule for the safety of all.
Permission for Photographic and Video Release
All photos or video taken in class and at performances can be used in promoting Macarthur Ballet and Dance Studio, please advise us before the commencement of Term 1 if this presents a problem.
Privacy Policy
All information provided to The Macarthur Ballet and Dance Studio regarding your child will be protected by our commitment to your privacy. We will not use the collected information for than any other purpose for the safety and well being of your child. We will not share any information with any third party unless it is required by law.
It is not the policy of The Macarthur Ballet and Dance Studio to take time out of any class to speak with a parent unless in an emergency situation. If any parent feels it necessary to speak with either a class teacher or the Principal, an email requesting appointment is required.
The Macarthur Ballet and Dance Studio does not tolerate bad language or rude behaviour from students or parents, especially in front of children. Whilst we recognize the necessity of technology with students completing homework in-between classes, the viewing of inappropriate internet sites will not be tolerated. We encourage students to have a positive attitude and to treat each other with respect and courtesy at all times. Any behaviour deemed by The Macarthur Ballet and Dance Studio to be irresponsible will result in instant dismissal of all students within the family and direct debit will not cease until term commitment of fees has been fulfilled following the incident. No refund of fees will be given.
Consumption of Alcohol and/or Smoking
Consumption of alcohol and/or smoking is strictly prohibited within the premises and car park.
Macarthur Ballet and Dance Studio has a zero tolerance for all forms of bullying and intimidation whilst on the premises. Cyber bullying will also not be tolerated. Any form of bullying will result in instant dismissal of all students within the family and direct debit will not cease until term commitment of fees has been fulfilled following the incident. No refund of fees will be given.
Social Media Use
Any blatant misuse of social media (i.e Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Kik) that is to the detriment of The Macarthur Ballet and Dance Studio will result in instant dismissal of all students within the family and direct debit will not cease until term commitment of fees has been fulfilled following the incident. No refund of fees will be given.
All students are expected to arrive on time and in full correct uniform. A neat flat classical ballet bun is part of the uniform. Parents are not permitted in classrooms. Class timetables are downloadable on the Macarthur Ballet and Dance Studio website at and Studio APP. It is subject to change at any time. All students are expected to bring a water bottle to every class; food and soft drink are not permitted in the class at any time. Jewellery must not be worn in class. Parents are expected to be aware of the finishing time of their children’s classes and be on time to collect them.
Children left waiting become unnecessarily worried. At the finish of any class, children will not be allowed to leave the premises without being accompanied by parent or guardian.
Late Arrival to Class
Once class has commenced and door closed, interruption of class is not permitted. Parent must advise receptionist, who will take student into class at the next appropriate interval in music.
Physical Contact
There are times during classes where physical contact may be necessary to demonstrate correct use of muscle and safe alignment of limbs to prevent injuries. It may also occur if a member of staff is required to administer first aid.
Mobile Phones
The Macarthur Ballet and Dance Studio acknowledges that at times students will need mobile phones. All mobiles must be kept on silent and in bags for the duration of the lesson. The Macarthur Ballet and Dance Studio will not be held liable for the loss or damage to any mobile phones.
Personal Property
All personal property brought onto The Macarthur Ballet and Dance Studio premises is brought at the owner’s risk and The Macarthur Ballet and Dance Studio will not be held liable for any loss or damage to this property.
Viewing Classes
Classes can be viewed from the upstairs monitors. Parents are not permitted into the studios as this poses a distraction for all students and teachers. (Please see Late Arrival). During the year there are times the monitors will be turned off (at the discretion of Miss Simms). The monitors are not to be tampered with by students or parents as any breakages will require payment for repairs.
Studio Uniform
All students are required to wear the full correct uniform during all classes. This includes the correct footwear and underwear. A neat classical ballet bun is considered part of the uniform. (The only exception is a student participating in Hip Hop alone). Children are expected to arrive early, in their uniform ready for class. At times of peak attendance, bathrooms are not to be used as change rooms before or after class. All uniform requirements are outlined on the Macarthur Ballet and Dance website at Studio jackets are available to purchase at the beginning of each new year through the studio. All students attending Ballet Grade 1 to 6 require a white character skirt with cobalt ribbons. It is the responsibility of the student to make sure their skirt is brought to each lesson. Character skirts are ordered through the studio. All items brought to the studio are to be clearly labeled with child’s name. The Macarthur Ballet and Dance Studio will not be held responsible for any lost items.
Healthy Eating
The Macarthur Ballet and Dance Studio promote healthy eating and strongly advises that all students bring healthy and nourishing food to eat before and/or after undertaking classes.
FEES, CHARGES AND REFUND POLICY (Fee Structure available to download from App)
Registration Fee
Upon registration there will be a fee of $15 per child. This registration fee will be added to the first week of term fees as a once off payment.
Payments for Incidentals
No written receipts for payments made to the studio for purchased items or invoices will be given. EFT receipt will be accepted as such.
Tuition Fees
Upon receiving the enrolment form a confirmation email will be sent along with your weekly, fortnightly or term fee and the direct debit form. This signed form will need to be returned immediately. The Macarthur Ballet and Dance Studio fees must be paid by direct debit by the week or term. Fees are paid by Direct Debit only. No alteration to reduce fees within a current term will be accepted. Commitment to term fees is expected.
Additional classes picked up after the commencement of any term need to be approved via email. All weekly fees $25 or less is required to be paid as a one off term payment. Fees $26 up to $50 per week can be paid by fortnight or term and fees $51 and above paid by week, fortnight or term. Fees paid by term will be directly debited on Friday the first week of each term. Families paying by week or fortnight will be debited the Friday before commencement of the dancing year, therefore making the payments one week in advance. If the year has commenced, the first payment will need to be a double payment to put you in advance. Any failed payments, either weekly, fortnightly or term will incur a $10 dis-honour fee and this along with the outstanding balance will be debited the following week. If a payment fails twice in a row without any contact by parent to give reason, classes will be suspended until fees are caught up. Notification of suspension will be given by way of email. If for any reason there is no arrangement made between the Director and family member responsible for fees, the outstanding fees will be forwarded to a Debt Collection Agency acting on behalf of The Macarthur Ballet and Dance Studio. This may incur further administration fees. In this instance, notification will be given by way of email, classes will be permanently cancelled and no correspondence, in any manner, with any staff member, other than email to Mr. Gary Simms, Director of The Macarthur Ballet and Dance Studio will be accepted or responded to. No cash will be kept on the premises. Classes missed due to illness, holidays or any other personal reason are non-refundable and non-transferable. Refund only considered upon receipt of medical certificate. If you no longer wish to attend classes or wish to change classes for any reason then you must notify the Director immediately via email at and you will be required to pay the full term fees in a one off payment before your direct debit payments will be cancelled.
Private Lessons
All private lessons must be booked through the Principal via email at Private lessons must not be arranged by parent with class teacher. They will only be approved by the Principal. Private lessons are billed with the weekly direct debit fee.
Due to the high demand on studio time, all new choreography will be taught at a time convenient to both teacher and student, outside of normal studio hours. The Macarthur Ballet and Dance Studio prides itself on team commitment and professional Troupe representation at Eisteddfod throughout the year therefore preference for private time will be given to committed Troupe members.
The annual Performance is held in early Term 4. It is an opportunity for all students to perform their rehearsed dance routines for their families and friends. The concert dates are announced early in the year. At the end of Term 2, students will be invoiced for costume hire and other concert requirements. Payment for this invoice is made by EFTPOS at studio reception by due date. Overdue payments will be direct debited at a date advised. No cash is kept on premises. Your child will be expected to participate and invoice paid unless an email is received by the end of Term 2. No refunds will be given for any costume hire. Refund for DVD, rehearsal and photo fees will only be given after discussion with and at the discretion of Joanne Simms.
Performance troupes and eisteddfod work are strictly by invitation and all students must attend ballet classes to be considered any troupe. Expressions of interest must be submitted at the beginning of any new year via email. A list of regular Eisteddfods is available on FB and App early in Term 1, along with approximate dates. Strong consideration of student and parent commitment is recommended prior to submitting expression of interest for troupe. Students must be committed to attending all classes
and all scheduled Eisteddfods. If a troupe member does not fulfill their commitment (other than illness), student could be asked to leave the troupe. Troupe invoices are given out in Term 1 to cover Troupe bond and yearly hire of costumes. This invoice can be paid by EFT at studio reception or by Direct Debit. Direct Debit forms can be found on the Studio APP. It is expected that all Troupe members will have a Studio Jacket to be
worn to and from any venue when representing The Macarthur Ballet and Dance Studio. Jackets are ordered at the beginning of each new year. The jackets are worn with long black dance pants and black shoes. Students are representing The Macarthur Ballet and Dance Studio, therefore it will be expected that all students and parents will behave in a professional manner that promotes The Macarthur Ballet and Dance Studio with a
positive attitude.
ALL choreography, class/solo/troupe, is the property of The Macarthur Ballet and Dance Studio. It is not to be performed and/or filmed and shown to anyone outside the studio for any reason without the approval of the Director. Choreography is taught for the sole purpose of use whilst a student’s enrolment is active. If a student permanently leaves
the studio, they no longer have rights to the choreography. Misuse of such, either by current or previous students, falls under the laws of copyright.
Students wishing to be considered for their R.A.D Ballet exams need to attend minimum of two Ballet classes per week for the Grade 1 – 6 and three Ballet Classes, when offered, for the Major/Vocational. Pilates, Stretch and Strengthen classes are highly recommended for students from Grade 3 Ballet. Registration for exams is on the recommendation of Director, Joanne Simms and will be considered individually and not as a class or group. Advancement through the grades is also at the discretion of Director, Joanne Simms.
The reception area is not a waiting room. To respect the privacy of not only the studio operation but also parents wishing to speak privately with receptionist, parents are asked to deliver their child to the studio and then vacate reception. The staircase is not to be used as a waiting facility. This blocks children trying to move to or from the waiting room and puts them at higher risk of injury.
There are, at times large volumes of students coming and going to lessons. At peak times, especially with the younger students, it is asked if you could move quickly but safely with your child so as to lessen the risk of a child moving outside without supervision.
Waiting Room
On the 2nd floor, a waiting room is provided for all parents, students and siblings to wait before, during or after class. Children who have finished class and waiting for their parents will be guided to wait upstairs. It would be greatly appreciated if the area is left tidy. The faculty of Macarthur Ballet and Dance Studio will take no responsibility for any persons waiting in the waiting room.
Onsite parking is available and we request all drivers take great care when entering and leaving the premises. Parking must be in the allocated parking spots and not outside the front door. Children must be escorted into the building on arrival and collected from inside the building when departing. Please do not park at the studio door to collect or drop off your children. This blocks the view of students and other drivers and puts children at risk.
An APP is available for download from the APP stores. It is advisable that parents have this as all important notifications and documents are shared through the APP. Instructions for download is in reception.
Timetables are downloadable on our website at and available on the APP.
Contact Details
Principal and Director: Joanne Simms Premises Address: 10/15 McPherson Road, Smeaton Grange, 2567 Phone: (02) 4648 2252 Email: Website:
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