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All patrons who enter the pool are required to either purchase a periodic membership from the Nhulunbuy Corporation or pay a casual entrance pass. This is a requirement of the local Nhulunbuy Corporation and is not inclusive in Travelling Tadpole Swim School lesson prices.


All children attending classes under the age of 14 years must have a parent or guardian present for the duration of the lesson. Parents should remain at the centre while children are completing lessons in case of any emergency. Travelling Tadpole Swim School’s responsibility for your child starts at the commencement of the lesson and finishes when the lesson is over. Parents are responsible for their children at all other times.


There are no makeup lessons and all missed lessons require full payment. However, in the case of major illness, please present staff with a medical certificate and a make up class will be arranged (subject to availability). Make-Up Lessons can be scheduled up to one week in advance after the missed lesson and must be used within the current block of lessons. Make-up lessons cannot be transferred over to a new block of lessons and will be arranged by the swim school coordinator.


Please notify us if your student is unable to attend their swim lesson via email or phone so their teacher can be made aware.
We reserve the right to cancel swim lessons at any time for any reason. We reserve the right to combine classes regardless of age group or level if necessary. We do our best to provide a consistent teacher in every class. While we will do our best to contact families when a teacher change is occurring, we reserve the right to change teachers as needed.


Children should be at poolside a few minutes before lesson commencement. Placement into classes is based on swimmers ability (not age) therefore student assessments are ongoing and swimmers will progress as their ability improves.

At the end of each lesson, the children will be offered a confectionary Snake or lollipop. Parents must allow teachers to reasonably supervise their children during all lessons therefore parents should not approach children or teachers during lessons as it can be very distracting. A suitable time should be arranged with the coordinator should a parent need to discuss any issues or concerns. Travelling Tadpole Swim School will exclude children from lessons if behavior is deemed inappropriate and children may be asked to sit pool sit to observe the lesson for a short period of time.


All children under the age of four years must wear an aqua nappy during swimming lessons. Additionally, please keep your child home if they have conjunctivitis, open wounds, any gastro viruses or serious infections, which are deemed contagious.


The personal information contained in this document is collected to provide contact information for individuals wishing to enroll into learn to swim lessons. Information such as medical details are required to assist in accommodating the individuals needs and abilities. This information may be disclosed to third parties should contact be necessary regarding an issue with the booking and in accordance with the Information Privacy Act.


I am aware that individual and group publicity photos and videos are taken by the School from time to time and in consideration for my or my child(ren)'s participation, I hereby grant the School, its legal representatives and assigns (including any agency, client or publication) permission for my child(ren)'s likeness to be used in Travelling Tadpole Swim School publicity or advertising, without payment or consideration. I understand that these materials will become the property of the Swim School. I hereby irrevocably authorize the School to edit, alter, copy, exhibit, publish or distribute this photo for the purposes of publicizing the School's programs and services. I agree to send Travelling Tadpole Swim School written advice if i wish for my child/children to not be photographed or filmed at any time.


Learn to swim lessons will proceed in all weather conditions unless deemed unsafe by Traveling Tadpole Swim School. In the case of lightening, students are required to exit the water immediately in accordance to water safety procedures. All children are entitled to one makeup lesson each block in the case of cancelled classes due to lightening storms. Parents will be contacted via emailed to confirm if classes have been cancelled and will be contacted with details of a makeup lesson if necessary.

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