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How do I pay for lessons?
Payment is via direct debit on the 11th of each month and is debited from one of your accounts or credit card.
Our direct debit system does not lock you into a contract. If at any time you need to stop lessons simply allow three weeks’ notice so we can cancel your direct debit and booking and find another child to take your place.

How do my fees work?
Your monthly fees are based on the number of days booked per month with some months having four lessons, some having five and some having less with public holidays.

Can I book and then pay later?
No, you will need to make your payment at the time of booking to secure your child’s place.

How much notice do I need to provide if I want to stop lessons?
Three weeks’ notice is required if stopping lessons. Simply email to let us know, or submit a form via our ‘Contact Us’ page at

Can I have a make-up lesson?
Provided your fees are up to date we will provide you with up to two Family Swim Passes or two make-up lessons per quarter as replacement for your missed lessons. Make-up lessons can be scheduled over the school holidays or on student free days.

Bookings for school holiday make-up lessons can be made one week before the school holidays by emailing to let us know the days you will be available over the school holidays.

Does my Family Swim Pass or make up lesson have an expiry date?
Your complimentary Family Swim Pass or make-up lesson expires within four months of the missed lesson.
Will I be charged for missed lessons?
Yes, as we still need to pay your teacher and the many other expenses incurred to effectively run our program. This means that we need to know you will honour your commitment to your booking and you will pay for the time slot that you have booked.

Other important information to know about missed lessons:
Family Swim Passes and make-up lessons cannot be used as credits for future lessons or for lessons after you cancel. Family Swim Passes and make-up lessons are only provided if you are booked into lessons and fees are up to date.

Are there ways I can make extra savings on lessons?
Absolutely. Check out our popular Dipadees’ $’s Claim Form to see how you can make great savings! Visit for more information.

Do I need to re-book every month?
No, as long as your swim fees are up to date your child’s place will be secure. We have a seamless year round program. Once your child has secured a place your booking will remain in place as long as your payments are up to date.

Are lessons held on public holidays?
No, we don’t work on public holidays.

Are lessons held during the school holidays and on student free days?
Yes, we operate over all school holidays and student free days, other than three weeks at Christmas and four days over the Easter weekend.

How do I let you know if my child is going to miss a lesson?
The best way is to simply email us at We appreciate advance notice whenever possible.

What do I do if my child misses a number of lessons?
If for any reason attending lessons becomes too difficult for you or your child, it’s important that you let us know as soon as possible so that we can either cancel your booking and stop your payments, or find you a more suitable class time and day.

What is the best way to make contact with you?
We can be most easily contacted via email at:

Can I change time or days?
While we can’t guarantee that we will have another time or day available, we will certainly do everything we can to meet your needs.

Where are we located?
On Brisbane’s Northside: 983 South Pine Rd Everton Hills, right near the IGA building on the Queens Rd roundabout.

Further information is also available on our website and in our Frequently Asked Questions document.

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