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I understand I am responsible for School Fees being paid for the above named student(s) on or before the due date, and any additional costs incurred from not paying by the due date (by collection agents for recovery of fees).

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I understand my payment is not refundable.
ο I understand the fees may be transferable to other Mighty Good Products after costs have been deducted.
I understand the following expectations from students and families upon enrolment

ο No mobile phones are to be used in class. Turn to silent! All mobile phones are to be left with Administration and not be taken into class (unless requested by the teacher). Therefore any calls can be answered by the administrator who can pass on any messages. If it is a parent who requires contact with their child please contact us on 8443 99999.

All personal items, clothing and shoes must be labelled. Labelled lost property will be returned on the students’ next visit.

It is essential correct footwear is worn. All classes require enclosed shoes, Dance students should wear style appropriate dance shows. Eg. Tap shoes for tap class, jazz shoes for dance and ballet shoes for classical.

All classes have information to commit to memory such as Acting scripts, song lyrics and dance steps. Encouraging students to be responsible for learning,remembering and behavior in all classes. E.g. Learning scripts within given time frames, song lyrics, and dance steps.

We have a 3 strike policy. All staff follow our internal student reporting system,which may result in a green slip regarding behavior. If a student receives 2 green slips in one term, a meeting with our company director will be arranged to talk through the behavior in class. 1st Warning, 2nd – a follow up meeting and 3rd student will be asked to discontinue their enrolment.

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