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Terms & Conditions

• Dancers and their parents or guardian are encouraged to attend all scheduled classes for the full year as per date signed.
• All dancers are asked to arrive 10 minutes prior to class and wear correct uniform,including correct dance shoes.
• Thats Dancing does not hold classes on Public Holidays. These classes are not invoiced on the Term invoice.
• If Thats Dancing cancels a class because of unforeseen circumstances, a catch- up class will be organised in lieu of the cancelled class.
• Dancers and their parents or guardians must be respectful to all other dancers, instructors, supervisors and volunteers representing Thats Dancing. Encouraging a pleasant and friendly environment for all students and their families. If an issue arises at Thats Dancing involving a dancers or their parent/guardian, we ask that it will be brought to the attention of the Studio Director and only the involved parties will work towards a resolution.
• Thats Dancing and its duty staff take pride in providing an extremely safe dance environment and follow all current rules and regulations. All Duty Staff hold first aid certificates and relevant working with children checks.
• Thats Dancing will not be held responsible or liable for any injury received by a student whilst under the care of Thats Dancing and it’s duty staff. Nor responsible or liable for loss or damage of personal property.
• Thats Dancing only provides supervision to students during their scheduled class times.
• Duty Staff of Thats Dancing are not authorised to take any student to the toilet, however we will assist if needed. Dancers must go to the toilet before class, If an accident does occur, clean up is the responsibility of the parent/guardian.
• Thats Dancing will seek medical help where necessary at the cost of the Account Contact. If an Emergency does occur and a parent or guardian can not be reached, Duty Staff are instructed to deal with the safety of all students, call any necessary emergency services and then call The Director. The Director/Duty Staff will then notify nominated contact/s’ of the emergency.
• During classes, dancers may be touched due to correcting technique. Technique cannot be taught or corrected properly without some physical interaction from Instructors.
• Duty Staff of Thats Dancing are Mandatory Notifiers and adhere to the CHILD SAFE ENVIRONMENT Policy.
• The Account Contact agree to pay all class fees, costume fees, performance/competition fees, late fees and any other costs incurred throughout the enrolled year for the enrolled student of Thats Dancing.
• Accounts are invoiced before the start of each term. 10% Early bird discount applies to fees paid within the 7 days from date of Invoice.
• Accounts can be paid via Visa, MasterCard, or electronic funds transfer. Fees may be paid in instalments via Direct Debit and are to be arranged with our accounts department.
• When using a sports voucher: supply the voucher to and pay the balance less the value of the sports voucher.
• Class Fees are payable per term, 4 terms in a year. Fees are payable by the due date. Fees not paid by the due date will incur a $20.00 late fee per invoice. Dancers with an unpaid account will be withdrawn from participating in their classes until account is finalised.
• Two weeks notice is required if a student withdraws from Thats Dancing otherwise the full term fees are payable. Fees already paid are non-refundable. However, this will be at the Directors discretion.
• Credit card fee of 2.2% applies per transaction.
• Annual Registration fee covers, insurance, music, studio maintenance and administration.
• Payment options are Direct debit or Electronic Funds Transfer. Payment Details are on invoices. Payment Plans are available, and are to be negotiated with Accounts Department prior to Term commencing.
• All costumes, choreography and music are subject to copyright and belong to Thats Dancing these may not be used without prior consent from the Studio Director.
• Costumes costs are the responsibility of the Account Contact. Costumes will not be given out to any dancer who has an outstanding account.
• No dancer will be allowed on stage in a costume that had been changed or altered in anyway, unless approved by the Studio Director.
• All information on said enrolment form is confidential. Your contact details including emergency contact are the only details that will be passed on to your child’s Instructor. The Director, Duty Staff and Administration Manager of Thats Dancing are the only people that have access to your personal information.
• Due to privacy laws, parents/guardians/family members/friends may not take photographs or video recordings during classes. unless prior consent has been given by Duty Staff.
• The parent/legal guardian and dancers consent to the broadcasting & recording (by photographs, films, tape or otherwise) of the dancers participation in all Thats Dancing activities for use throughout the world, with no limitations on time.
• All rights in broadcasting & recording materials, including copyright therein and ownership of the physical materials (negative, tapes, film), shall be Thats Dancing and it’s collaborating party’s exclusive property. Thats Dancing shall have the right to make and publish copies of said broadcasting and recording, including the right to use the student’s name in relation to all Thats Dancing activities only.
• Photographs and video footage of students may be used for internal training purposes and for promotional publications including, but not limited to: use on the Thats Dancing website and social media pages, newspapers, brochures, radio and/or television. The images footage collected may be used by a third party upon agreement by Thats Dancing for promotional purposes of Thats Dancing. Thats Dancing retains these rights over the images/footage in perpetuity and they may be offered to other interested parties.
• It is the caregiver’s responsibility to contact administration if you do not permit Thats Dancing to use photographs or video footage of your child.
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