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I am aware that all sports have an inherent risk of injury and that the learning of and participation in the sport of gymnastics contains and element of risk. Although I realise that every care will be taken, I absolve RGC staff from responsibility for accident, personal injury and/or loss of property in connection with my child's participation.
I give RGC staff permission to seek medical attention for my child/ren in the case of an emergency and agree to meet any expense incurred.
I understand that myself/my child is covered under Sportscover Australia. For more information or claims visit

The athlete (over 18) / parent or guardian accepts and complies with the Club, Gymnastics WA and Gymnastics Australia’s Constitution, Regulations, Policies and Rules.

I agree to pay all class and membership fees required for myself/my child by the date set by club managment and/or committee. I understand that class restictions may apply if fees are not paid by the due date and that no refunds, credits or exceptions will be given for classes missed due to restrictions.

I will advise of any changes to any of the information provided when registering.

The information I have provided is true and correct.

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