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Terms & Conditions

1. Tennis Coaching fees are to be paid by the due date stated on the invoice, unless otherwise agreed with ECC Tennis Academy.

2. In the event of wet weather, you will be contacted to confirm that your scheduled lesson will be cancelled.

3. You are to attend your scheduled lesson only.

4. If your lesson is cancelled by ECC Tennis Academy for any reason you will be automatically placed on the make up register.

5. If you are going to be absent from your scheduled lesson, you need to notify ECC Tennis Academy as soon as possible, but before the commencement of your scheduled lesson in order to be placed on the make up register.

6. Due to the small class numbers, you DO NOT automatically receive make up lessons if you don't come to your scheduled lesson, you need to notify ECC Tennis Academy in advance.

7. Make up lessons can be attended in another class during the term, or during the holiday camps.

8. Make up sessions are held for a period of 2 terms (6 months).

9. Your term fees will not be reduced by the number of make up classes you have.

10. All participants must wear appropriate tennis attire when attending lessons, including sun hat, sports shoes etc.

11. Participants must bring their own drink bottle - which can be refilled via the tap on the courts

12. Use of hand sanitizer upon each entry to the tennis centre is mandatory by all those coming through the gates.

13. Ensure the appropriate social distancing requirements at all time when spectating within the vacinity of the Club grounds.

14. Parents are requested not to be on the tennis court while their child is playing, there is plenty of view space around the club grounds.

15. If your child feels anxious and would like your presence for the first lessons while they gain confidence, please advise ECC Tennis Academy, and we will typically ask you to pick up the tennis balls from around the court while the lesson is running.

16. It is imperative that children be collected from within the Club gated area. We do not have an office at the club, and coaches typically run sessions back to back. Please do not ask your child to wait near the carpark, or wave them up to the car - the coaches will ask the children to wait at the clubhouse if their parents are not here to collect them at the conclusion of the lesson.

17. If you are running late, and your child does not have a mobile, please contact ECC Tennis Academy so that the information can be passed onto your child.

18. On rare occasions, we may need to combine classes. If this was to happen we will advise you ahead of time. You can then advise if you would prefer to attend a make up session at another time or go ahead if the scheduled class.

19. We group classes initially based on the age, skill and interest level. If your child would be better suited to a different class, we will notify you.

20. In certain circumstances we will move children to levels that are above their age group, this is done base on the individual child's skill and will happen to complement the skill level of the class the individual is moving into.
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Any personal information collected for the purpose of this enrolment, will soley be used, disclosed or dealt with for the purpose of which it was provided, internal management purposes and otherwise in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), Privacy and Regulation Guidelines.

You will be placed on a contact register for holiday camp, re-enrolment information, and other relevant information that relates to your enrolment with ECC Tennis Academy.

If you stop attending lessons, the correspondance will continue to be sent to you, until you request to be removed from the correspondance register.

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