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Student Particiaption Acceptance
1. I give my permission for me to receive medical/ambulance assistance. In case of emergency and agree to pay such costs incurred.

2. I understand that participation in gymnastics activities carries with it a reasonable assumption of risk for your child.

Fees Policy
1. Club Membership and Registration: The Club Membership package includes Club Membership, Gymnastics Queensland (GQ) Registration, Sports Insurance, Equipment Levy and some value added benefits. This is non-refundable. The GQ registration and Sports insurance is transferable between clubs but not from one gymnast to another. The Club membership and GQ registration is valid from the date of payment until the 31st of December of that year. A family discount of $10 each child applies for the 2nd and subsequent family members. Membership & registration fees are renewable from 1st January and must be paid upon child’s registration.

2. Term Fees: Fees are calculated on an hourly weekly basis. Tuition fees pay for your child’s position in a class or team. Non-attendance does not qualify you for a refund or credit. Accounts for Term fees are due on the week before term commences and will receive a 10% discount. After due date full tuition fees will be payable in their entirety before the end of the first week of the term. If fees are NOT paid your child will NOT be permitted on the floor. Exceptions are made where a successful application has been made in writing to the Administration Manager for payment instalments, and that agreement is currently being honoured. Any outstanding accounts will have a $15 administration fee added after 2 weeks into term. Should any agreement not be honoured gymnast will be sat out from class. Any outstanding accounts after this will passed onto Bundaberg Debt Collectors.

3. Direct Debit Payments: By filling in an Automatic Direct Debit Payment Form which you can obtain from the office, you can opt to have your account debited automatically from your account each fortnight. Fees must remain four (2) weeks in advance.

4. Hours of training: If gymnasts leave early or arrive late this does not entitle a discount on fees as all the club’s costs are the same regardless of gymnast leaving early/starting late or missing a session.

5. Ceasing at your request: If you decide not to continue, 4 weeks notice in writing must be given before the end of term. Failure to give notice will result in fees being payable for the following term. Full refund applies if you notify us within the first 2 weeks of commencing classes.

6. Overdue accounts: If for some reason you are unable to pay your account on time, please apply to the Administration Manager to arrange a payment schedule. This application must be made before the fees due date and instalments must be made as per approved payment plan. A penalty fee of $25 will be issued if instalments are not made by the agreed dates. Please be aware that if your fees are not kept up to date, and no arrangement has been made with the Administration Management, your child’s position in that class may be forfeited. If this occurs no refunds or credits will apply for the Membership package.

7. Refund of fees: Should an injury occur that prevents them from participating in class for 3 weeks or more, then a request for refund of fees with along with an appropriate medical certificate for the period be sent to the club management for consideration. Administration Fees will apply.

8. Family Holiday: We will offer 2 weeks per calendar year where you will be able to apply for a credit to your account. A form will be available on the website in the Members section and must be submitted 4 weeks in advance.

9. Make-up Classes:
General Gym: A make-up classes may be available for your child if there is an available position in a class that is not at capacity and if an alternative class is available. Make-ups need to be taken within 4 weeks. If make-up class is more than 4 weeks then a fee of $3 payable at time of booking applies.

Competitive: Make up classes are not offered to Squad gymnasts as they should be attending each session offered for that program. If the instance arises where we are able to make up a class in a suitable class a fee of $5.00 will apply each time.

10. Events & Competitions: Members must be financial to participate in these events.

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